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10 Best Destinations for Wine Lovers



Wine lovers, you know who you are, you know what you like, and you may know about your chosen libation, but have you really ‘experienced’ wine? Wine isn’t just a drink, but rather something to be savored in the vicinity of fine food pairings, fine company, and finer surroundings.


Welcome, sir and madam, and please enjoy our finest picks for the 10 Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers. We hope them to be to your tastes.

1. Editor’s Choice: Provence, France

For those of you who are old enough to remember the show “A Year in Provence,” let me assure you, this place is as beautiful as it was depicted. Not necessarily known for the wine itself, don’t think you won’t find some of France’s finest offerings here, and you’ll find no better location in which to enjoy them.

2. Willamette Valley, Oregon

Oregon’s wine country on the west side of the Cascade mountains boasts some of the finest wines in the world. With an ideal latitude for growing conditions, you’ll spend all day (or all week) touring its many wineries, sights, and restaurants. Bring a designated driver.

3. Mendoza, Argentina

The largest wine region in Argentina not only offers up some stunning views of the Andes Mountains but manufactures mean versions of one of my personal favorites, the Malbec. Hhmmm…Malbec…

4. The Tuscany Region, Italy

Nothing surprising here. Tuscany has long been fabled for its famous food and wine pairings, and as someone who has traveled through the region, it’s gorgeous. This one shouldn’t even be on the list. Give the others a chance, Tuscany.

 5. The Aegean Islands, Greece

Now, I don’t automatically think Greece when I’m considering a wine from the list, but the islands of Santorini, Rhodes, and Crete not only have a rich history of trade in wines but put out some mean products themselves with their volcanic soils. The views aren’t so bad, either!

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Not far outside of the city itself (careful, it’s not the safest place in the world) is some really rich wine country, with views that make you feel like you are. Elevated vineyards for elevated tastes.

7. Napa Valley, California

You can bet that most of the wines on your list come from this region. Great growing conditions and a powerful economy make Californian wines easily accessible to most of the U.S., and the world, and they’re worth it.

8. Baden, Germany

Bordering the Black Forest lies Baden, a wine-producing region in southern Germany. Known for its reds, I’m known to like mine and put that together with some German meats and sausages, and I’m as good as there!

9. Spain

Rioja, Penedes, or Ribera del Duero will treat your taste buds right if you come in search of Spanish wines. Which one to choose? Which wine to choose? So many choices!

10. Yakima Valley, Washington

The west coast scores the hat trick with the Yakima Valley checking in, though probably in third place out of the lot. Still, nothing shameful about their selections, and make sure to stop in at Walla Walla.