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5 Tips to Save on Your Shopping Bill



Almost half of Americans spend more than they earn, according to recent national surveys. Shocking news! But why? To break this stat down, the combined takeout and grocery bill for the average family household is more than $7,000 a year.


While mortgages and healthcare tend to be set costs, there is a large area of your budget that could benefit from a few tweaks. Modern working people overspend by thousands of dollars annually because they are not aware of these savings secrets. Read on to maximize your dollar like never before!

1. Kill the Markups

Generic may sound like a dirty word, but we beg to differ. A generic brand sells a product without a recognizable logo that you aren’t going to see on commercials, but don’t look past these hidden gems! They are less expensive because they have cut this cost from their business strategy, Offering you the same item at a greatly reduced price.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Read the ingredients list and compare when you shop. Apple sauce is apple sauce, and you can save hundreds of dollars a year by simply making the smart switch. Do it, we dare you!

2. Buy Groceries Online

Saving money can easily be done by good planning. Online grocery shopping is now a reality for modern shoppers, and carefully selecting the quantities you really need while you’re at home near the pantry helps to avoid the perils of impulse buying with the kids and surprises at the register.


Locally, there are probably options to swing by and pick up at the store in one quick trip after work.

3. Shampoo and Perfume and Lipstick, Oh My!

You’re just a click away from millions of cosmetics competing for the lowest price internationally. Why not take a look? Although local stores may have sales from time to time, there is a sale everyday online and many shops offer free shipping!

Forward Data Science

Many popular cosmetics superstores on the web have multi buy deals and 15-20% discount codes to add at checkout advertised every day directly on their sites. Many third party sites offer secret codes that can be applied as well. Just take a look to see how much you have been overpaying at the mall!

4. Hire a Personal Shopping Assistant

For those who already use discount codes online, new tools have been developed to maximize this savings trick


Honey is a free personal shopping assistant app at the top of your browser that automatically runs every discount code online at checkout with one click. The codes have been crowdsourced by users like you to make sure you can test every code in the world within a few seconds as its algorithm sorts them to give you the biggest discount! Easy as pie. And by pie, we do mean clicking.

5. Cashback Secrets…Shhhh!

Before your purchases, there’s still one more step! Websites likes Extrabux and Ebates have created a clever tool for your web browser to give you automatic cashback online.


Yes, that’s right: real cash! Users enjoy 1-10% of their bill refunded each and every time, as long as they actively log in to a shopping session. You may be wondering: What’s the catch? Behind the scenes, the middleman receives a commission from the online store for bringing shoppers straight to them. But then, they share it with you! This simple step can save the smart shopper hundreds of dollars a year. No catch, just cash.