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Drone Pictures That Will Knock Your Socks Off



Drones sound pretty scary, and it’s true that they have a military application sometimes. But these flying robots have actually made it to the commercial marketplace, with kids and adults alike buying them everyday on Amazon. Frightening! Or is it?


What are everyday people doing with drones, anyway? While kids might use them as a zooming supertoy, photographers have decided to hack them for some pretty cool projects! Let’s take a look at some of the most wild and amazing aerial shots done by drones recently. We predict your mind will be blown seeing new angles of the big, wide world from above in ways human beings only wondered about in past times! Note: Local regulations apply for aspiring drone artists.

Seeing Stars

Here we see the famous Fort Bourtange, which is shaped like a star! Gorgeous. But who really knew this driving by on the ground? Originally constructed near the year 1600, this building helped soldiers defend the Netherlands. It was also key to controlling an important road from Germany, but it is no longer used for military purposes.

Amos Chapple

Today the fort serves as a museum, and there’s lots of history to learn inside this gorgeous compound! The Dutch countryside surrounds visitors trapped by a moat inside! Just kidding, there’s definitely a bridge to permit movement across the water.


Treehouse Surprise

This old Boeing 727 plane is currently buried in the forest somewhere near Portland, Oregon. While this drone photo may make it appear like a sad and abandoned relic, this is not so! There is something quite surprising about this tree-hidden aircraft.

A local man named Bruce Campbell actually lives inside! The plane was converted into a home, and it’s not clear if anyone else on earth has done this so far. It’s definitely unconventional, but it does look like he has some beautiful scenery outside his window. And by window, we mean dozens and dozens of windows.

Beach Vibes

Playa de Amadores is a beach on Gran Canaria, an island near the mainland of Spain. It is officially part of the country, actually! This popular tourist destination was recognized as particularly clean and sensitive to environmental considerations.

Karolis Janulis

Karolis Janulis is a photographer from Lithuania, and he decided that a drone would perfectly capture this orderly and sunny spot! Umbrellas line the beach and create a pleasant pattern from above. Very impressive! The only thing left out of the picture is the famously clear water of Playa de Amadores, which you might just have to visit to find out more — maybe ASAP.


Madrid Life

Madrid is the capital of Spain, and it’s a major destination on many bucket lists for European tourism enthusiasts. The city has art inside museums and outside expressed in the old architecture, but what does it look like from above?


Luis Saguar Domingo is a student who wanted to spice up his Instagram page, and this was the result! He noticed how symmetrical parts of his city seemed to be, and the next obvious step was to document it from above! Thank you for sharing this drone shot with the world, Luis.

Fishtacular Views

Not everyone may be familiar with the beauty of Croatia, but the central European country actually boats a bunch of islands that might be worth a look. This one is called Gaz, and it’s shaped like a fish! But would we know that without the benefit of drones?

Gaz is located in the Brijuni Islands National Park, and it is home to ancient olive and pine trees. This grouping of islands is actually located in the Adriatic Sea, and resorts have been constructed for visitors with time to enjoy the scenery for a few days!


Twisted Paths

This is probably a view of Transylvania you’ve never seen before! Many people may not know that this mysterious region is actually located in Romania today, which is where photographer Calin Stan resides. Here, he photographs a winding road from above using drone technology, and it shows off a contrast between gorgeous autumn changes in nature and modern man’s attempt to conquer and drive through it!

Calin Stan

So where is this road leading? Is It a scenic route distracting unsuspecting victims driving towards Dracula’s lair? No, indeed it is not. Calin simply has a passion for documenting his country’s development through aerial photography, and he has expanded this project in Europe generally. Very nice, Calin!

Clear as Day

Burke Lake is located in Virginia, USA. Visitors know how beautiful it is from the boat, but an aerial view really shows outsiders exactly why!

Even though this photo seems to display a boat sitting on cracked yellow earth, this is actually a floating vessel! Most lakes are a bit blue, green, or grey — silt, soil, algae, and other natural elements usually obscure one’s vision straight to the bottom. The water is so incredibly clear, it’s hard to believe it! Definitely worth looking at for a summer fishing trip like no other, especially if you live nearby.


Hair Scare

Oh goodness, what do we have here? This isn’t a special affect, if that’s what you thought when initially looking at this picture. And it’s not Photoshop, either!

Germany Photographersworld

An aerial drone seems to have captured a natural formation of grass that looks like a man’s face! Now this is something you might not notice from the ground level. Pretty freaky!

Cloud Dreaming

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The architecture of old churches and cathedrals is just something the new world lacks, despite all it has to offer in other ways. Here, a drone shows us new angles of the iconic Sagrat Cor Church!

The landmark is located on the top of a hill, and it can actually get pretty cloudy. But that’s part of the charm! A statue of Jesus Christ towers above the city right on the tippy top of the building. Thanks to drone technology and this photographer’s initiative, we get the new chance to view a truly gorgeous angle in the sky!


Snow Time

Wow, what a winter wonderland this is! While some of us may have trees in our area during the winter, driving by or walking through them is usually how we can view them in white splendor. Helpfully, a drone has showed us a very new angle!


Where is this, exactly? Well it could be many places, really. North America certainly gets plenty of snow, and pine trees would be familiar to anyone who lives there. But Japan also gets snow! And who can forget the Swiss Alps, or the Black Forest? For now, this aerial shot remains an icy mystery.

Sunny Fields

Here, a drone shows us a beautiful shot of an abandoned school in rural Eurasia. Where is this, exactly? It turns out to be the Republic of Abkhazia, but it is unlikely you have heard of this country for a reason. It is not yet universally recognized as an independent state!

In the 1990’s, war broke out and ethnic cleansing decimated the area. Many people were expelled from their dwellings, and this building has never been reclaimed for its original purpose. It will be interesting to see what happens with this budding new state in the future. What will they become known for?


Gone Fishin’

Photographer Trung Pham captured a beautiful element of everyday life in Vietnam, his home country. Fishing is part of the staple cuisine there, and locals catch shrimp, crabs, and fish in the lakes, rivers, and oceans. Local economies actually depend on this small-scale activity done with large, flowy nets.

Trung Pham

Here, the net is cast into the sea. The drone seems to have caught it at just the right moment to make a mundane daily necessity into a little bit of magic on screen. Very nice, Trung!

Meow Meow

Lions, and tigers, and bears — oh my! Actually no, it’s just one lion today. But look at this unusual moment, where a female lion recognized the existence of a buzzing drone on the savannah. Must have been pretty confusing! Maybe she thought it was a lion-sized toy?


Lions are just big cats, you know. But as apex predator cats, this drone shot is the closest we want to get in real life outside of a zoo! Currently, most of them are roaming in Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique, Angola, and the Central African Republic.


Shanghai Moves

In a city of 24 million people, how does everyone make it from A to B without a traffic jam to high heavens? Shanghai has done its best to construct roads that logically transport workers where they need to go, cutting across the city efficiently. Have they done well? Only a local will be able to give you the real low down about living in this busy metropolis!

An aerial drone shot showcases some of the city infrastructure here, with a highway suspended across a road below. Who knew that this kind of concrete creation could be so lovely from above?

Just Married

This drone shot captured a special moment between a bride and groom on top of a city skyscraper! Looking closely, one can see them relaxing on their backs in full celebratory attire. Are they looking at the sky, all alone together right after the service? We don’t really know!

Domesticated Companion

Who believed that drone photography could be so magical and romantic? Symbolically, they have pie in the sky, sitting on top of the world. Maybe unconventional pictures like this will be a wedding album trend in the future!


Diamonds are Forever

This drone view is one of Mir Mine, historically the biggest diamond mine in Russia. At this point, it is basically only a crazy hole! While we assume there aren’t many diamonds inside, we are actually just fascinated by the huge gap in the earth it has created!

Eso ha Vuelto

In fact, Mir Mine is one of the biggest man made holes on earth. It seems they stopped digging for stuff way back in 2001, and now it simply exists as a glorious pit. If you want to visit it yourself, you will have to brave the cold of Siberia. That’s actually where it is! Still interested?

Chasing Waterfalls

This amazing moment was captured by yet again, a drone! The man pictured here is in the process of jumping over a waterfall into the brine below, and it looks so elegant. But who is this mysterious man?

It turns out this is a man in his 60’s who actually holds a Guinness World Record title in this subject. The location here is the Yellow River in China’s Heilongjiang province. Clearly he didn’t listen to TLC’S advice to stay away from waterfalls and “stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to”, did he?


The Roads Less Traveled

Turkish photographer Aydın Büyüktaş dropped out of college while studying something deemed practical tourism management stuff, apparently. But he knew he wanted to do something else, and currently he does interesting digital work using other skills he picked up in his free time.

Aydın Büyüktaş

He learned hands-on about 3D animation and video, eventually applying it to drone photography projects. Here, he captures a road in the Red Hills. The flatland of America produced a lot of beautiful scenery that he has published online, and the final photos are actually a collage of multiple drone shots. Very impressive, Aydın!

Sky Fleet

The US military is arguably the fiercest and most well-funded on earth today. Trillions with a ‘t’ have been spent on building, growing, and maintaining the organization! So where does all that money go?

Well, some of it certainly goes to jets and planes. But technology changes all the time, and it’s easy to imagine that the aircraft of 20 years ago are now obsolete. So what happens to them? This drone shot shows us the storage center in Tucson, Arizona that holds 4000 different military pieces of the past. They are no longer in use, but the lot sells them off for material and parts to get some taxpayer money back. So far, they have made about $500 million. Impressive!


Duck, Duck, Go

Vietnam is definitely big into fishing, but what about – ducking? Is this a thing? A word? Well yes, it is. And drones now mean we get a bird’s eye view!

Apparently, 30 million ducks are raised every year in Vietnam. They hang out in the rice fields, just like in this gorgeous picture. Here, a traditional farmer is surrounded by them as he works in the water to gather rice. What will become of his quacking company? Well, eggs may be eaten by locals. And some of them may become a raw blood pudding called Tiết canh! For now, it seems they have no idea as they float along in the sunshine. Quack, quack.

Sandy Times

Dubai is known for its luxurious resorts and towering skyscrapers that seem to go up by the minute! But few know much about its vast deserts, which surround metropolis life. Here, an aerial shot shows an important road that cuts across the sand!


Visitors to Dubai can actually do a lot of sandsports in the dunes. Have you ever heard of sandboarding? If that’s too crazy for you, traditional camel riding is always lots of fun. Just driving through the desert for miles and miles on this sandy road seems like a memorable and scenic journey in itself!


Lily Pad Life

This gorgeous shot from above captures a lush scene of greenery in a local water source here in an Asian village. Boats float through the water and cut through the plants in a beautiful way.

Tuan Nguyen

We have all been led to believe that frogs hop from one lily pad to the next, but we don’t see any here! Maybe that was just a myth after all, but perhaps there are quiet ribbits from the amphibians hiding below.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Woah, what a shot! These hippos are hanging out together, shoulder to shoulder and it’s not something you get to see from above very often.


Hippos may look cute and cuddly, but you may be surprised to know they are actually quite dangerous at times. In Africa, more people are killed every year by these animals than crocodiles! Chomp, chomp. Perhaps it’s better to observe them in this gorgeous drone shot from far away!


Briny Times

Wow, this aerial shot of ocean brine crashing on the rocky shores is quite a sight to be seen. But why is the outer edge so green? Is it an illusion from the sunlight?


Hard to say, but this is definitely a scene from nature that would make a romantic stroll or a place to sit and listen to the power of the ocean for awhile. Where in the world could it be? Turns out that this is a shot from
Cote Rocheuse, in the French Mediterranean!

Lightning Shock

This amazing moment was captured in the skies of Kuala Lumpur,
the capital of Malaysia. Experts warn that you should get to a low level and stay away from electricity conductors like metal during a storm, and this picture really illustrates why!

Pete Demarco

They say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but it’s possible that it could strike pretty close by in the future. All of these impressive skyscrapers are just asking for a fight with electricity from the sky!


A Bridge to Whimsy

Brighton Pier has never looked so good! This place is actually considered one of the biggest attraction in South East England, and it might spark your curiosity to ask a few questions about its offerings.


Rides and restaurants provide lots of entertainment on a date or on a Sunday with family taking a seaside stroll. It is recommended to try the Turbo Coaster, spinning cups, and other crazy rides.

Brave New Heights

This drone shot captures an amazing angle of a new bridge in Ukraine. A bit of greenery is a nice sight as one drives over the dark water below.


It appears the design of this bridge includes two sides. One for drivers, and one for pedestrians who want to take a daring stroll. This modern construction is pretty impressive, and perhaps modern building plans are in the future for Ukraine. A new prime minister was just elected, and it will be interesting to see if he takes this route with infrastructure funding to modernize Ukraine.


A Bit Sheepish

Sheep are so cuddly and fuzzy. And woolly, as well! For thousands of years, humans have gathered and cared for them all around the world. In New Zealand, for example, the ratio of sheep to people is actually 20 to 1!


Its not clear where this shot was taken, but it is an amazing sight to be seen from above. Sheep stick together and walk uniformly in one direction once they sense the herd is moving. Usually sheepdogs get them going!

Tea Time

In Vietnam and throughout Asia, tea is a big business! We are all responsible for that, since we can’t get enough of the stuff.

Tuan Nguyen

Here is a shot of the gathering process in Bao Loc, Vietnam. Early in the morning when things are still dewy seems to be the best time to snatch up all the fragrant leaves. After this, factories turn them into many different products. Research has shown that elements in green tea have very beneficial effects on human skin, so this industry is only going to grow as new demands in the beauty world ask for more, more, more.


On Top of the World

This overhead shot of Sheikh Zayed road in Dubai is a sight to be seen! Only from above can we see the exquisite architectural detailing and design of the very top of these skyscrapers. From below, this could not be appreciated at all.


This is actually the longest road in the Emirates! It spans from Abu Dhabi to Ras al-Khaimah, and drivers travel parallel to the shoreline as they make their way across the region. Very nice!

Water World

Yikes, what happened? This water park is totally abandoned! It still has a purpose as photography material for our viewing pleasure at this point, but thin about much more fun it would be if it was still operational!


It turns out that this water park is in Dubai, and maybe the problem was water waste? After all, a water park is not exactly great for conservation. The Middle East may have a lot of oil, but it does not have an excess of water. Perhaps they were right to shut this all down?


Winter Camp

This amazing shot drenched in white captures a winter campsite that might be a lot of fun! Perhaps fun if you are prepared, anyway. Camping i n the winter is no joke, and experts warn that falling asleep in the freezing cold is no joke. You may not wake up!


These campers seem to be enjoying the fresh cool air because they are bundled up appropriately. They can just relax and look at the sky! Let’s hope they have a heater for the challenges they will face at night!

New Views

It might surprise you, but this is actually a drone photo of the projects in New York. Yes, the projects! These government housing complexes are not usually known as places to see scenic views. In fact, they can be quite dangerous sometimes.


But from above, they look kind of interesting! There is a symmetry to these places that show clearly thought out urban planning for a large block of projects. If you’ve ever wondered how the birds see things, here you go!


Shadow Dancing

Here in the red sands of Jordan we see three men with arms extended in the sun. This formation creates a very interesting shot for drones above, and we wonder if they knew they were being photographed!


The Jordan Desert is pretty big, but this scene was taken in the area near Wadi Rum. In Arabic, that means “Valley of the Moon”! The special red mineral content there makes it a really scenic choice for desert seekers looking for something new.

Goal Time

This perfectly green soccer field really makes a bright contrast with the rocky background here in the Jabal Mountains. Never heard of them? Well, it turns out they are a range in Oman!


Soccer is a very popular sport in the Gulf, and this field looks like a great place to practice! It would be hard to hone one’s skills on the rocky terrain around it. And it definitely wouldn’t make for a game with clear, predictable kicks!


Icy Land

This is a gorgeous drone shot of Iceland, a country with a tiny population and pretty quiet PR. As you can, it’s pretty darn green! Where is all the ice? Perhaps it is Greenland.


No, it’s definitely Iceland. People often confuse these two European areas on the map. For future reference, Greenland is icy, and Iceland is green. Pretty confusing, but this landscape photograph certainly is beautiful.

Bermuda Life

Bermuda, anyone? This drone shot from above captures the natural rock formations of this island paradise, and the natural water color is just an amazing contrast. The water is not only crystal clear, but very blue. A teal, perhaps.


Bermuda is a place tired mainlanders visit every year for a bit of heaven on earth, but it has been subject to some crazy legends over the years. An area called the Bermuda triangle on the way to the island has seen a few planes crash and disappear, and people became quite suspicious of this route! Don’t worry too much, though. Millions of tourists have made it there just fine!


Pink and Blue Hues

This forest shot is quite unique. While there are plenty of trees like any other aerial photo of this type of landscape, the colors are not typical at all!


What is going on here? The pink, blue, and grey fade in this photo look like they were done on an editing program intentionally. But this picture received a high score in a drone photo contest, and it is very unlikely it would have gotten a great rating because it was well photoshopped. The mystery of where, why, and how continues!

City Sights

This electrifying shot of Sai Gon at night is a sight to be seen! Today, this metropolis is the capital of Vietnam. It was once known as Ho Chi Minh City, a site of conflict during the Vietnam War. Now, they’ve gone back to the former name, and big plans for a new direction.

Tuan Nguyen

On foot, tourists can see French colonial landmarks from another time. This contrasts with local scenery, like the traditional markets and little food stalls selling tasty and exotic things. These skyscrapers would appear towering over all of that, but it looks totally different from above! Gorgeous, really.


Good Glaciers

Welcome to Chile! Laguna De Cotacotani translates to “Cotacotani Lagoons”. Bet you didn’t guess that! Just kidding, of course. Aren’t these formations just stunning?

Alex Mimo

In the background, the Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes are visible to the viewer. These are all actually part of Lauca National Park, and they are really something special. While many people might think of the Amazon rainforest when they picture South American nature, there is really a wide variety to see! The continent is a very big place, you know.