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Don’t Miss Out On These Local Dishes From Around The World





In the wise, immortal words of Virginia Woolf, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Looking closely at that statement, dining alone is not the key but dining well. That is why you need an amazing list of the best foods in the world.

If you have been looking for such things, you are in the right place today.

When we talk about these being the best of the best, we mean that in every sense of the word. We have taken the taste, appearance, price, and creativity behind each of these meals into consideration during our deep research.

No need to take our word. How about we sink our teeth into the meat of the post? (all pun intended)

Buttered Popcorn, USA

Not all superheroes truly wear capes. If not, the person who discovered that the marriage between popcorn and butter should have been caped.

When that characteristic smell of buttered popcorn wafts through your offices or its common abode in movie theatres, you would think so too.

Masala Dosa, India

The Masala Dosa has come a really long way to break into the list of best foods in the world, and that is not even talking about its mere length yet.

Every bite of this meal is an awesome blend of potatoes, lentil, pickle, and coconut-based sauces. All these are worked together in a rice batter crepe to become the meal as we know it today.

Containing such balanced amounts of carbohydrates and proteins, this is the meal that keeps you going till it’s time for lunch. Guess what? You can have yet another one then.

‘Crisps’, UK

Is the word ‘crisp’ named after this meal or did the meal get its name from the adjective? Originally from the potato chips family which had American roots, the English found a way to put their twist on it – and we love them for it!

Seafood Paella, Spain

We have seen servings of lobster, dishes of mussels and amazing recipes on shrimp. What we might not have known was that all of these could be combined to make something amazing. This time, amazing has another name, and it is the Seafood Paella.

Already a national food in Spain, the dish takes all of the above seafood and mixes them with seasoned rice for effect. No matter where you are taking the meal, your mind will surely take you to the Mediterranean.

Chicken Rice, Singapore

Simply looking at a serving of the dish could almost make you sneer. However, that simplicity is made from a combination of steamed or boiled chicken which has some rice to go with it. One thing not evident from the name is the addition of cucumber to the final mix.

To get the party started, add some chili/ soy/ garlic is introduced to the assembly. Who says your taste buds don’t know how to party, too?

Poutine, Canada

It would be plain rude of you to see a serving of Poutine and refer to them as fries.

True, there are a bunch of fries in there. Factor in the addition of cheese curds and brown gravy that are generously allowed to soak into the fries and you get something else entirely. Definitely not fries.

Finding it hard to sleep? Get some beers to wash these bad boys down and thank us later!

Tacos, Mexico

Talking about the best food in the world and leaving out Tacos should be a punishable offense.

Traveling borders to make the world happier are these tortillas which are filled to the brim with meat and sauces you won’t even be able to name. You even get to choose between the various options of guacamole, black beans, and fresh meat additions, to mention but a few.

It’s even better that there is no perfect time of the day for them. As long as you have one in your hand, the time is just right.

Buttered Toast and Marmite, UK

Even though the Americans are the ones known for things sweet and salty, the UK wows with the buttered toast and Marmite formula.

The food is as unique as everyone who tastes it given that there would usually be a disparity of opinions. Such is the power of Marmite in this mix.

Spread with butter on toast, we can almost say this would make the perfect breakfast for champions.

Marzipan, Germany

Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it. All you would need to do is taste these decorative almond-sugar candy mixtures and hope not to get addicted. We also hope you won’t get addicted too, given that you would probably be sick for many hours after having a stomach full of this meal. If there’s any consolation, you will thank yourself for taking the risk.

Ketchup, USA

This food item has to be one of the wonders of the world with the way it matches a variety of other food items just perfect. We are not surprised that it has earned itself a seat at many dining tables around the world.

French Toast, Hong Kong

The French toast took a trip to the eastern part of the world where it was instead deep-fried in a pan with peanut butter (or jam). On top of the product is a dose of syrup that is neither too much nor too little.

You should probably have something you would do with all that sugar after eating though. The force is strong with this one.

Chicken Parm, Australia

Before you protest that this was originally an Italian dish, you might want to try it out first. Perfecting the art of Parm-making with peppery tomato sauce, its tender chicken fillet is now discernible from the mozzarella cheese.

Hummus, Israel

If only you would stop looking at the dish and take a spoon to your mouth, you would know how much you have been missing out on. Perhaps what makes the meal even better is the possibility it holds for various additions to spice things up even more.

Maple Syrup, Canada

All syrups are born equal, but some syrups (read: Canadian maple syrup) are born more equal than others. Take a drop of this to your pancakes and feel your taste buds leap to welcome the meal.

Want to know what sugar rush feels like in kids? Offer them some, maybe? (For your own good, please don’t)

Fish ‘n’ Chips, UK

Chicken and chips is great; Fish ‘n’ Chips make them look like everyday food.

Don’t look at us on this one. Look at those who have been loving this meal from the 1860s. It’s been around for that long.

Parma Ham, Italy

After making great suits and shoes, cooking great food has to be the next superpower Italians possess. This thinly-sliced meat can be put on almost anything – ranging from pizza and salads to sandwiches.

If you can think it, you can probably put a parma ham on it.

Goi Cuon, Vietnam

We agree that this might not be the most filling piece of food you can grab. There is only so much we can ask of a snack which contains pork, shrimp and rice all wrapped together in very thin rice paper.

Once you acquire the taste and start grabbing a few more though, you will get that fill you’re looking for.

Butter Garlic Crab, India

After accusing the US and UK of being the big butter enthusiasts, Indian chefs wouldn’t let that slide. That is more likely the reason why they would take an entire crab and soak it inside a gallon of melted butter sauce (with garlic to taste).

We don’t know about you, but no way anyone is going to miss all that sweetness.

Lasagna, Italy

One meal that belongs to everyone yet belongs to no one is Lasagna. There is always that special twist everyone has in order to make this beautifully layered masterpiece for the stomach.

Once it gets the addition of tomato sauce, pasta, cheese and minced meat in the same cooking pot though, lasagna could rarely go wrong.

Croissant, France

You might think it is fancy bread, but it’s not. Just make sure you have some jam and good coffee at hand. We dare you to say you’ve had a better breakfast than that.

Hamburger, Germany

So popular are hamburgers that they have made entire countries start developing cow farming operations.
On the table, they represent one of the most popular foods that you can find around today. Even though they moved into the limelight in the US, Germans get the credit for this one.

Sushi, Japan

Sushi is a perfect example of how simple items like raw rice and fish can be used to whip up one of the most beautiful food arrangements on this list.

Japan holds the patent rights to this meal but that does not stop every other country from putting their own twist on it. No matter how it is served though, when cooked right, it comes out just as awesome.

Chocolate, Mexico

Chocolates are so great, they are only unacceptable in one location of the world: Nowhere!

The Swiss and Belgians may have taken over the popularization of the cocoa derivative but all accolades should go to Mexico where it was first discovered and eaten.

Pizza, Italy

The best foods are often the most simple: bread and tomato sauce with cheese. Getting that ratio perfect means you can start adding any topping you want to make it unique. Pineapple, anyone? With its endless possibilities and worldwide popularity, it’s number one.