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Best Home Budget Apps of 2019



Setting up a real budget and sticking to it can be challenging! Luckily, a new crop of tech solutions has appeared for the average consumer looking to get a handle on their dollars and cents.


What are the surprising areas where you can cut and save? How can you painlessly and automatically microinvest for a rainy day? Read on to discover more than a few hidden gems!


Prism is a free app for your smartphone that will help you get your tricky finances under control, once and for all. With two paychecks and multiple bills showing up all at different times in the month, it can be hard to mentally juggle all the numbers!

The app lets you link all your billers and shows you a constant update of your real account balances, taking the math and mental work out of budgeting for the user. With this multitasking tool you can also pay the bills directly from the app or scheduled on a date of your choosing. Whew! Thank you, Prism.



Mint is a friendly little app that allows you keep track of your budget, and it has some interesting features that help you see the big picture on your overall spending. The free app keeps a log of your transactions and categorizes everything into product and service groups by month.

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You can set your own budgets for each spending need, and you are notified when you are almost at your limit! Busy people may not be aware of what they really spend on gas and takeout when they are constantly on the go, but clarification about where money really disappears every month can go a long way to changing the bad habits we all have!


Wally is another free personal expenses tracker, and it lets you log your receipts by taking a photo with your smartphone!

This feature helpfully consolidates the information to show you how your expenses are distributed, saving you time from manually logging every single purchase. How many people have tried to do this in the past, and gave up because typing everything was such a bore? Very relatable!



PocketGuard is an app that keeps track of all your purchases, like many on the market today — but it really goes the extra mile to help you gain control over your financial life with its unique features.

The app algorithm actually finds better deals for you in the areas of expense that you may think are fixed prices, like cell phone bills and insurance. Au contraire! Your overall budget is displayed in simple charts and graphs so that it’s easy to see the big picture when you log in. A free trial is available with a nominal monthly fee after you decide you like it. Warren Buffet advises, “Rule number one: Never lose money. Rule number two: Never forget rule number one.” Point taken, Mr. Buffet!


Acorn is a unique app priced at only $1 per month that lets you budget your investment account with microdeposits. How does it work, you ask? Whenever you buy something with your debit or credit card, the app rounds up the total to the nearest dollar.

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Then, the excess is deposited into exchange-traded funds that you choose based on your selected preferences. Many app members don’t immediately notice the difference with day to day transactions, but an extra $1000 in your account at the end of year will definitely be noticeable! Anyone can be an investor, and that includes you.