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The Cost of A Big Mac in Different Countries




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The Big Mac was a revelation when McDonald’s launched it in 1967. Since then, many people far and near have enjoyed the rich taste of the burger. Some have had to travel to get a bite of this fantastic burger. At present, the Big Mac burger has gained tremendous success all over the world.

The Big Mac has become so much a trademark that it has been used as a measure of the relative health of economies across the world. The Big Mac has now become a measure of the purchasing power of countries across the world. The value of the Big Mac changes relative to the country’s economy, creating the Big Mac Index.

In this article, we take a look at the price of the Big Mac burger in some countries. We take a look at these countries from the lowest to the highest, cheapest to most expensive.

Switzerland – $6.54

The most expensive Big Mac is found in this European country. The price is a little bit more than the local dishes that are available in Switzerland. Sales are not so massive, but the Big Mac is still a preferred choice for the evenings.

Sweden – $5.83

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The Swedes also love their Big Macs. They cost $5.83.

United States – $5.51


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The United States, the king of North America, is where the Big Mac first launched and remains its largest market. Prices vary across the 50 states. But on the average, the Big Mac will cost $5.51. It’s a fair deal.

Norway – $5.22

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In this Scandinavian country, the burger costs $5.22. The yummy taste is readily available. Head over to the store and enjoy the treat.

Canada – $5.07


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True or false? The Big Mac was first called the Baller.

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The North Americans serve their Big Mac up there, perhaps with an option for the maple syrup. The Big Mac cost $5.07 in Canada. It is a great treat for Canadians. Don’t miss it when you are there.

Denmark – $4.72

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Even though Denmark has rich collections of local dishes, the Big Mac cost $4.72 over there. The dishes cost less than that in some occasions but it the Big Mac market is still a good market over in Denmark.

Israel – $4.68


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The Israelis also have a great price for their Big Macs. They love the Big Mac from McDonald’s, which is why they allowed them to operate in their land even when other big outlets have been rejected. At a price of $4.68, it is a bargain. Though like Australia, there is good competition from their local dishes.

Australia – $4.52


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Even the island nation is not left out. The Big Mac burger cost $4.52 over there. But there is always a big competition with the local beach bodies

Uruguay – $4.47

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Uruguay is another South American heavyweight. It cost just $4.47 a little bit higher than what it costs in Brazil. But compared to the cost of the local steak, it is a good price. The Big Mac is loved by many Uruguayans for its quality and its price. Don’t miss it.

Brazil – $4.40


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They are the heavyweight of South America. There you can enjoy their delicious meat steaks together with the delicious Big Mac. The Big Mac only cost $4.40.

Lebanon – $4.30

Big Mac cost $4.30 in Lebanon just some cents more than what it cost in Singapore.

Singapore – $4.28

It is one of the best places to live in the world. Singaporeans enjoy a great variety of delicious meals in their local stores. But when you are there, you don’t have to miss the delicious Big Mac. You are not stuck with liking their local dishes; a Big Mac cost you just $4.28. It is a good value for money.

New Zealand – $4.23

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They are the close neighbor of Australia. The Big Mac cost the same amount in New Zealand as it does in Great Britain- $4.23.

Great Britain – $4.23

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They are arguably the most populous country in Europe with the greatest influence. Brits love the Big Mac burgers. Students, teenagers, and adults can be seen in the night enjoying the snack before winding down their day. For all the great love and the high demand, they only cost $4.23.

Colombia – $4.14


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This is another South American country, where the Big Macs cost $4.14.

Chile – $4.05

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Here, the Big Mac burger cost $4.05. When you visit, ensure you don’t miss this favorite burger. You can get home away from home for just $4.05

United Arab Emirates – $3.81

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UAE is the home of real estate investment. The people there and the tourists love the taste of the famous burger. They get it for just $3.81.

Thailand – $3.59


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Thailand is an Asian country with some rich culture and values. If you’re there and find yourself missing American values, their Big Mac costs only $3.5. When on a trip, make sure you don’t miss your favorite burger.

Croatia – $3.33

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The Big Mac cost only $3.33 in Croatia. Croatia is a country with a low population compared to many European countries, but even there, they love the Big Mac.

China – $3.10

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China remains the country with the largest population in the world. McDonald’s is loved by the billions of people that constitute the citizenry. Added to that, they are very cheap at just $3.10.

India – $2.51


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India is the home of cheap and affordable food. People who have traveled there have testified to it. The foods are so cheap they take only a few percentages of your traveling budget. Also, a burger costs only $2.51 there.

South Africa – $2.32

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South Africa has the best education sector in Africa. The price of the Big Mac in this country is just $2.32. It is the treat of many families in that country.

Russia – $2.09

Russia is an eastern European country and one of the most popular countries in the region. A burger only cost about $2.09 in Russia. It is very cheap and goes along with a drink.

Egypt – $1.75


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Consider yourself a Big Mac fan? Well, you’re now in for a treat!

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Egypt is a country in North Africa. The world’s cheapest Big Macs are found in Egypt. There, it costs just around $1.75 in Egyptian stores. It would be nice and cost saving for people close to Egypt to take a trip there to enjoy a burger at the lowest price possible