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Most Valuable Toys from your Childhood



Every year, thousands of new toys hit the market. But predictably, many are forgotten! There are some timeless items that are here to stay, and it’s likely you probably remember at least a few from your childhood. New technology means that some of our old favorites have gotten an upgrade, but many of the originals have actually appreciated in value by tenfold! What are they worth now?

Mr. Tom’s World

Let’s take a trip back in time to explore a few toys you might be lucky enough to still have hiding somewhere in your attic! Be honest: Do you actually remember all of these?


Original Price: $18

Collector Price: $200

The Tamagotchi was a tiny pocket digital pet invented in 1996 by Akihiro Yokoi and Aki Maita in Japan. Shortly after its introduction to the market, Aki Maita actually became a Nobel Prize winner in economics!


The name is actually a combination of two Japanese words meaning “egg” and “watch”. We think that really makes sense! But what was it, exactly? The tiny toy taught children how to care and feed for a virtual animal, with various needs popping up throughout the day! Successful care meant that the animal would grow, and a lot of kids had fun during this test run for the real life pets they all wanted. This was one of the biggest fads in the 90’s, but it’s not finished! The world recently saw an updated release, and it’s probably here to stay: More than 82 million have been sold since its big introduction.



Original Price : $35

Collector Price: $400

What is a Furby, anyway? Well, it turns out that America wondered the same thing — at first. Then, the nation went crazy for this fuzzy talking robotic toy by Tiger Electronics! People were unsure if it was an owl, a hamster, or a Frankenstein hybrid of the two — but it didn’t matter. Furby was named an absolute must-have toy for the Christmas season, and we all know what that means. Lines, mobs, and arguments meant total chaos as parents tried to secure one of these strange creatures for their sons and daughters. Scammers even got in on the action with fake orders that never came!

On Our Shelf / Youtube

In 12 months, 27 million Furbies were sold! The price tag went up to $300 through scalpers during the height of the craze, but today they are actually still worth a lot if you have some of the more unusual editions in perfect shape. Furbies are still in production today, making it a fairly long-lasting toy out of thousands that have come and gone!


Original Price: $12.50

Collector Price: $430

The View-Master, how could we forget? This exciting trip into another 3-D world was first introduced in 1939, which is hard to believe. That technology existed way back then? Apparently so, and vintage versions of these contraptions are worth quite a lot today!


Many may not know that they were used on Disneyland rides at one time, but now things are probably a bit more advanced at the park. You may remember using them at home, viewing 3D pictures of dinosaurs and exciting places around the world as a child! Honestly, we think we would still enjoy using this today. But are we willing to pay 400 bucks to relive our Jurassic Park thrills in exact original detail? That’s the real question!


Power Rangers Toys

Original Price: $13

Collector Price: $140

Go, go Power Rangers! We all remember the series, but what about the toys? These figurines sold like crazy at the height of the show’s popularity. But how much did the figurine line actually make?

MMPR Toys / YouTube

It turns out that the toy sales actually produced more than $6 billion in revenue! While there are toys that are lucky to sell millions, this was an unusual business success. Perhaps because the show was so epic during 90’s childhoods, collectors today are still looking to get ahold of the originals. If you happen to have a full set, you can make some extra bucks on eBay right now!

Troll Dolls

Original Price: $5

Collector Price: $40

Troll Dolls have actually been around since the 1960’s, but they are still reliable sells for toy stores. In England, they are called “Gonk Trolls’’ — and frankly, we’re not sure we like that strange alternative name!


Different companies started copying the design as the fad went on and on with new generations of children. The copyrights are now licensed back to the original creator, which seems only fair. Millions and millions of these creatures have been sold with different outfits and hair colors, and they are simply iconic at this point! Special editions in perfect condition are now sold for many times the price online to those with a special place in their hearts for these unique toys.


Sky Dancers

Original Price: $9.99

Collector Price: $80

Sky Dancers were just so exciting! We all remember pulling the string and watching them whizz off into the ceiling! The toys had a story attached with names for each unique doll, and a show was developed to continue the storyline — and the mega revenue!


Today, Sky Dancers are definitely still sold everywhere. But if you’re lucky enough to have an original new in the box from the 90’s, grown up girls online are happy to pay many times the retail price to relive the memories!

American Girl Dolls

Original Price: $82

Collector Price: $1,500

American Girl dolls were an absolutely must-have item for readers of the hit book series. The stories were just amazing! Each doll had six corresponding books, recalling history in vivid imagery for children of the 80’s and 90’s. Addy, the American slave girl — Samantha, the Victorian boarding schooler — Kirsten, the Scandinavian settler — these were all stories that introduced difficult topics in a digestible way for elementary schoolers.

Dolls Via Pleasant Company Catalogue / Collage By Chloe Effron

But the dolls were quite expensive! And the $82 price tag was just the beginning of the business venture, as the company began to offer expensive outfits and accessories for each doll in the coveted monthly catalogue mailings that plagued parents across America. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a doll! Well, sadly many parents did. If you have a mint edition of any original, they currently sell for hundreds!


Nintendo 64

Original Price: $199

Collector Price: $370

Nintendo 64 took America by storm as an incredibly advanced console for the time. We all remember getting lost in classic games like Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie! The new graphics were 3D in a way no one had experienced before, and the games themselves had been developed to a deeper level than what was available on the Sega Genesis and Nintendo systems of the time.

Dante Grey

Though it was eventually replaced by Gamecube, many people still have an interest in this Nintendo creation. Perfect, new in the box editions currently sell for hundreds on eBay! Get yours before they are all gone forever — we warned you!

Easy Bake Oven

Original Price: $50

Collector Price: $300

Well, well. This one had to be on our list! The Easy Bake oven was definitely in every little girl’s home, and so many mediocre cakes were made with this light bulb-powered contraption. But it was all in good fun, wasn’t it?


Originally introduced in the 60’s, the version we all remember was updated to look like a microwave. Previous models looked completely different! In fact, it has been updated yet again for current day — and it is now barely recognizable from its earliest design. If you have a perfect vintage edition, consider selling it now! Listings have been seen for $300 recently. Not bad, not bad at all.


Pokémon Trading Card Game

Original Price: $3

Collector Price: $100,000

Pokémon Trading Cards were actually based on the existing Nintendo video games at the time, but no one knew that the cards were blow up to extent they did! Kids went crazy for these collectibles, and the game slogan “gotta catch em all” certainly lent to massive purchasing when it came to the cards. Very clever, Nintendo!

Pokémon Blog

Today, most of them are worthless. They’re just paper, after all! But if you have a few very rare cards, they are not worthless  — tens of thousands of dollars is apparently not too much to ask! In fact, one was recently listed at $100k, which is simply shocking. Shocking, we say!

Beanie Babies

Original Price: $5

Collector Price: $800

Beanie Babies were definitely a top craze in the 90’s, and kids loved these bean-filled tiny animals like nothing else! More than 100 varieties were created, and they quickly became collectibles that people actually started stocking as real investments. Many sold for crazy prices at the height of the fad. Little did they know, the bubble would soon pop!

Keith Waldegrave

Today most of them are worthless and do not sell for more than the original launch price. Even the special edition purple teddy bear for Princess Diana is not a big ROI anymore! However, there are a few types that do sell for many times their price tag. Check the current collector catalogs to see if you might have any hidden gems leftover for resale!


Bop It

Original Price: $15

Collector Price: $35

Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! This may sound familiar to you if you were a 90’s kids with this fun, fast-paced game. Millions remember this electronic challenge, and struggling to keep up with the increasing pace was all part of the fun!


Hasbro has come out with modified versions of the original since its explosion onto the scene decades ago. Different shapes and added music make the challenge even more fun these days. But about the original? Is it worth anything at this point? It turns out — not really. If you have a vintage version, you can sell it for only a bit more than what you paid. But if you adjust for inflation, the profit is actually very little. Ho hum!


Original Price: $10

Collector Price: $150

Lite-Brite has actually been around since the 60’s, but it’s still popular today. And we all remember this special toy during our childhoods! Exciting and colorful little pieces were placed in a board with any design from your imagination, and voila! An illuminated display could show off your creativity to the whole family.


Today, it is still sold to children around the world. But if you happen to find a vintage edition in good condition, they are definitely collectors editions! Some Lite-Brites have sold recently for over 100 bucks! More glow, please.



Original Price: $1

Collector Price: $250

What in the world is a pog? A reasonable question! Many former kids from the decade of pogs could tell you all about them and the social game that went along with them. Every character and color was once all the rage on the middle school playground! But what is the history of this milkcap shaped fad?

The Sun

Some people think the game associated with these collectibles came from Hawaii about a hundred years ago, but similar games had existed before that. It’s really hard to say, as games evolve over time and in many places. Today, certain full mint sets sell for hundreds of dollars online!

Pretty Pretty Princess

Original Price: $10

Collector Price: $100

Now this was a board game your brother didn’t want to play with you! Pretty Pretty Princess was an exciting chance to wear fake jewels just about everywhere on your body. And who doesn’t want to be draped in gemstone necklaces, rings, and — gasp! — a crown?

Birdpoo Reviews

The goal of the game was to get fully dressed up like royalty, and this certainly was a big hit with little girls across America. But what about its resale value? Is a hidden new box in the basement worth keeping or selling at this point? Research online shows that an original could potentially nab you 100 bucks, since the game is currently totally out of production! Decisions, decisions.


Polly Pocket

Original Price: $10

Collector Price: $13,000

Ah yes, the adorable Polly Pocket. Every little girl wanted to have one, two, or three of these to add to their collection of toys. And who could blame them? Polly was a tiny little figurine with her own house that opened and closed into a cute carry along box. We still love her!


Though first released independently in 1989, Mattel now owns the brand. Changes have been made to the basic sets, and the originals are actually worth a lot if they are new in box status. One set actually sold for $13,000! Better check quick if you have an extra one you forgot about. Just some friendly advice!

Cabbage Patch Kids

Original Price: $25

Collector Price: $3,000

Who forgot about Cabbage Patch Kids? Not us! These soft cuddly friends were actually first made in the 70’s, but they were still quite popular today. In fact, Cabbage Patch Kids are one of the longest run of a doll line in America. The toy inspired a cartoon, too!

Orange County Register

Today, you can find these adorable dolls at most toy stores. But listings online show the rare vintage designs have appreciated in value. Recently, a doll was posted at three thousand buckaroos, which is surprising! Would you pay $3,000 to relive your childhood this way?


Tickle Me Elmo

Original Price: $29

Collector Price: $250

Of course Tickle Me Elmo made the list! This was one of the craziest holidays rushes in history for a toy of any kind, and the questions is — why? What is it about this version of elmo that captured the hearts of America?

The Guernsey Family

Elmo might have already been a loveable character from Sesame Street, but no one had experienced interaction with him quite this way. When you squeezed the stuffed character, he laughed! But it was an infectious laugh, and something about it was too much fun to pass up. Parents paid big bucks to secure one of the tickle toys for their children, and today the value is still high. Originals sell for hundreds!

Talkback Dear Diary

Original Price: $10

Collector Price: $200

Talkback Dear Diary was a very special update to the traditional pen and paper young girls used to record their thoughts every night. In the 90’s, it was pretty exciting to have a toy that would actually record your own voice — and play it back to you! A real toy innovation at the time, for sure.


Girls across America set their own passwords to guard middle school secrets, and it was certainly a lot of fun before smartphones! Perhaps that has now replaced novelties like this, but vintage editions in perfect condition sell for a lot. Listings online for this piece of girly nostalgia run all the way up to $200!


Dream Phone

Original Price: $20

Collector Price: $100

Dream Phone was loads of fun in middle school before real dating actually became a part of life. It was just so much less complicated in this board game with clear rules! Who wants to go back in time?

Dream Phone

The intrigue involved 24 boys who may or may not have liked you, and a girly pink telephone allowed you to call each one to find out more. The gossip, the mystery — the butterflies! Women seem to have great memories playing this game with early school friends, and original editions are sometimes put up for sale online — at a significantly raised price, of course. Would you pay $100 to relive your glory days and meet your secret admirer again? Chad is still waiting for your call!


Original Price: $3

Collector Price: $5000

Every girl had barbies growing up, but it all started way back in 1959. This glamorous doll has stood the test of time because she always adapts to the trends, and today’s barbies are no different in that respect.

Amy’s Toys

The original Barbie did look different in terms of face and body shape. Today, the dolls are sold in every skin tone and new body shapes. What do you think of the original? Mattel released a special edition copy of the 1959 debut, but you can cash out big time if you have the old one in your attic now!


Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

Original Price: $20

Collector Price: $550

Strawberry Shortcake, oh so cute! This little dolly was brought to the stores in 1979, designed by Muriel Fahrion. The sweet character eventually inspired films, TV programs, and tons of merchandise.

Flickr / Marie Rose

The questions is, do you have any of that vintage merchandise? Any dolls or lunchboxes? If so, you might be able to sell items off for $500 or more! But really, they are so adorable we are not sure if we would in the end! What say you – Should she stay or should she go?

Super Soaker

Original Price: $10-50

Collector Price: $600

Woah, watch out! Here come the Super Soaker, and these are no joke. In the 90’s, summer couldn’t get any better than fun with with crazy water gun. They have never gone out of style, really. But the originals still hold a warm place in people’s hearts, and they may be willing to pay big bucks to experience that wet magic again!


Original Super Soakers can sell for many hundreds of dollars if they are in good condition today. The new models are a bit more technical, and it’s just not the same! To date, this extreme squirt gun has made the company more than $1 billion, and it’s not hard to see why every single child wanted one – then and now.


Spice Girls Doll Collection

Original Price: $15

Collector Price: $225

Girl Power was a slogan that many children heard for the first time through the Spice Girls. What did they mean back then? What does it mean now? Great question, but first let’s talk about the dolls!

Barbie /

The Barbie version of this smash hit girl band was just like the life-sized women in likeness and style. But do you remember them all now? The band was made up of five alter-egos: Ginger, Posh, Baby, Sporty, and – gasp – Scary. Today, the dolls are worth a lot! Perhaps hundreds, if you have a mint edition still stored away. Undoubtedly, there are collectors out there looking for the complete set!

Hot Wheels

Original Price: $0.59

Collector Price: $125,000

Oh, who didn’t have a few Hot Wheels cars to race with? These were essential, and they remain so today – the company has by no means halted production. New styles come out all the time, but what about the originals?

Hot Wheels Collection

Shockingly, some tiny toy cars from this line are worth a lot more than real cars for real people! Unbelievable, but it’s worth it to try and see what you have have left in those old boxes. One crazy example: A 1969 rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb model sold for $125,000! Did we mention it was pink? Still, that hardly explains it. Hot Wheels resale prices are just mind blowing!


Monopoly: Original Editions

Original Price: $2

Collector Price: $146,500

Everyone loves a game of Monopoly, and so many editions have come out since its introduction as a classic game on the American scene. Even Junior Monopoly for young kids, which honestly may have been the best one of all – cotton candy stands and ferris wheels were such fun properties to gain control of!

Mike Eingle

Originally created in 1933, 250 million boxes have been sold! Some of the very early editions are so rare that they are now collector’s items, fetching more than $100k for mint condition sets!

My Little Pony Dolls

Original Price: $13

Collector Price: $900

Oh yes, My Little Pony! Every girl loved playing with those pony manes in the 80’s and 90’s, and hundreds of millions were sold during this period. With so many flooding the market back then, are they worth anything now?

Flickr / Lisa Brewster

Yes, indeed. The real vintage editions can land you up to $900 in cool cash these days, but that’s only with the original box. If it is unboxed, check out eBay for market listings at the moment. It’s still probably going to be a net profit, given the new interest grownup girls with salaries have in reclaiming their magic toys!


Barbie Golden Dream Motorhome

Original Price: $45

Collector Price: $325

The Barbie accessories of the 90’s were really something special. Who can forget the the Barbie Golden Dream Motorhome? This was a big upgrade form the dollhouses were home scenery, and let Barbie be a part of pretend stories like never before!


Today, many more version have been developed by Mattel, but this classic can actually be resold $325 if it’s in mint condition. It’s time to see what’s hiding in the back of your closet. We must admit, this one will be hard to depart with, but it’s sure to make a collector’s dreams come true!

Teddy Ruxpin

Original Price: $160

Collector Price: $1,640

This classic talking teddy bear just makes our hearts sing! The bear could read you bedtime stories, which many busy parents probably loved. While some may think this fad has come and gone, the brand has actually brought out an updated version recently. New generations of kids will be able to have one of their very own, but what about the leftovers in storage?


Originals in perfect condition are not easy to find for collectors these days, but all bets are off when one appears. Charging a grand for this vintage toy is not out of the question. The only question is, where is yours hiding to make that cash right now? The hunt begins.


Transformers Action Figures

Original Price: $20

Collector Price: $2,000

Transformers are still on the market now with crazy updated details for modern times and competing toys. But the originals were so magical at the time, because there was no concept quite like it yet!

Mario’s Toys

Imagine a toy that could bend and tuck and reveal a completely new robotic monster to battle with! Millions of children went wild, and the toy inspired a successful movie franchise of more than 50 films at this point. If you have an original, special editions new in the box are now worth thousands of dollars!

Lego Trains

Original Price: $159

Collector Price: $1,500-$3,000

Lego has put out some pretty cool train sets since its introduction as a simple set of click blocks in our homes 70 years ago. Do you remember this one?


The High Speed City Express Trains from the 1980’s is worth thousands of dollars today. So are the Diesel Freight trains! These are timeless toys that provide endless adventure chugging along imaginary routes to new places across the country. They really do resemble the real thing, which must have been an exciting innovation for children who loved Legos at the time!


Eternia Playset

Original Price: $30

Collector Price: $3,000

He-Man was a popular comic book and TV character in the 1908’s. While many superheros have replaced him in recent blockbusters, he still has a cult following of loyal admirers.


This Eternia playset was He-Man merchandise that no one can forget! Monsters and heros could battle in front of settings from the cartoon, and it was more than just fun. It was pure magic! Maybe that’s why collectors are willing to pay up to $3,000 for a mint set. Better start looking for your old one in the basement!

G.I. Joe

Original Price: $2.50

Collector Price: $200,000

Of course, the classic G.I. Joe! This one certainly had to make the list, as it is simply an American toy legend at this point. In 1964, Joe made to toy stores, and American boys went crazy for this little hero of their own.

YouTube / Formbx257

So how has Joe aged? Well, it seems the original Missile Command Center has been purchased for $17,500. Some soldier models have sold for $10,000. And last but not least, the very first prototype is valued at $200,000! Today, movies are being made about this little guy and new toy sets are being manufactured, but the originals are still worth some big bucks!


Thundercats Thunderwings Lion-O Action Figure

Original Price: $15

Collector Price: $7,000

Thundercats was a big hit show way back in the 80’s, and the toys of the time are really nostalgic collectors items for many former viewers. But does anyone remember what a Thundercat actually is? Some kind of magic cat man? No matter, it’s the resale prices that might interest you today!


Original and boxed action figures from this series can sell for thousands of dollars on the market now, some even priced as high as $7,000! So who are these buyers demanding the best of the best in terms of their Thundercats? We don’t know, but it is clearly a toy that has mesmerized its fans til this day!

Legos 1st Edition Millennium Falcon

Original Price: $5

Collector Price: $4,000

Legos are something we all know and love. Countless afternoons were spent making little buildings and objects from our imagination from these colorful, easy to use snap-on blocks. The Lego company began to get creative as time went on, with more complicated things to build for young, advanced enthusiasts.


Many of these limited edition build boxes are now pretty rare, and they have increased in value at a rate faster than gold itself! This Stars Wars edition has the benefit of attracting two sets of fans – from the film and from the classic toy market – and it is currently worth $4,000!


Megatron Gun

Original Price: $20

Collector Price: $4,000

Transformers themselves are pretty valuable in their first editions, but what about all the related merchandise from the franchise at the time? Well, it turns out that category also has a shocking resale rate.

This Megatron gun is currently worth $4,000 – and if you have one, your initial purchase price of 20 bucks was probably the best investment of your life! That is, if it’s still new in the box. We think that’s unlikely, since this toy was just screaming at kids to unbox it right away and play battle all afternoon! What are the odds you left it alone to build value in your closet? Fat chance.

Pound Puppies

Original Price: $30

Collector Price: $5,000

Pound Puppies? Yes, we forgot about them as well! Back in the 80’s, these adorable stuffed animals were a crazy fad generating $300 million in sales. It even became a TV show, though that extension of the franchise only lasted for a few years.

They’re pretty cute, and new versions were made long after the original line. However, if you happen to find one wrapped up in a lost gift bag at grandma’s house, they are worth thousands now! In fact, some have even been posted for $5,000. Not bad for a stuffed doggie!


Nintendo Game Boy

Original Price: $109.99

Collector Price: $550

Well this was a major upgrade! The Game Boy was absolutely revolutionary in the 90’s while everyone was playing on their big, bulky consoles at home. Sega Genesis and the original Nintendo system were amazing and offered an ever-expanding number of titles to explore. Even though it was much simpler in graphics quality, the handheld version could be taken anywhere!


Originally, it was sold either with Super Mario Land or the famous Tetris game. The upgraded version was Game Boy Color, several years later. If you happen to have one of these lying around in its original box, collectors around the world are still hoping to relive those crazy Mario days and you can make a pretty penny!

Vintage Care Bear Dolls

Original Price: $2

Collector Price: $7,500

Oh, Carebears were simply magical. They were a big toy fad in the 80’s, and a delightful cartoon ran even a decade after the start of the trend!

Every adorable belly displayed a different symbol that told us something about their personalities. Even now, they fascinate the public! A number of movies have come out in recent years testifying to the popularity and lasting power of the concept. Originals could be worth more than $7,000 today! Do you have one in perfect condition, by chance?


Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set

Original Price: $150

Collector Price: $250,000

Before the Lego train, there was another one – Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set. Dating back to the 1930’s, this was the train set of your grandfather!

While fancier versions have replaced this classic one, there is definitely some magic to toys from 100 years ago. In fact, many people think so. And they put their money where their mouths are, paying more than two hundred grand for full sets like this one! Maybe you have inherited some things you don’t even realize are major nest eggs, and it probably time to go check. Pronto, go now!