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Don’t Make These Home Decoration Mistakes!



Being an adult comes around quickly! Before we know it we’re 40-years old and supposed to understand things like ‘decoration’ and ‘design’. One thing that can fall backward while we get old is the pride we can have in our house. Avoid these DIY and secor mistakes!

Still Having A La-Z-Boy

We know these are rather comfortable chairs. You probably spent hours in your young sitting in these while napping, eating, or watching TV. But what about today? You’ll probably want something else.


Make sure you substitute your old chair with some modern furniture. It’s time to spend money on a nice sofa or chair set. You’ll be surprised by how much space these things are taking up in your room.

Always Sticking To The Formal

We know it’s satisfying to ultimately have an ‘adult’ living room with all your beloved furniture or favorite books, but is it worth it? It used to be very popular to have one very formal room in your house, but now new homeowners are favoring using their rooms over avoiding a formal one.


It’s time to change all the decorative cushions and pillows and buy some relaxing lounge chairs. When the grandkids come over, they’ll thank you.


Plastic-Covered Chairs

We’ve only seen this in the films, but we know that homeowners do it. It makes sense that you need your sofa or chair to remain as long as desirable, but this certainly isn’t the method to do it.


It looks, sounds, and feels completely atrocious! You’ll have a lot more chance appreciating your furniture while being cautious with any shoes or snacks in the area. Also, contemplate throwing a blanket over it if you want it preserved – just not plastic!

Your Antiques Are Always On Display

Having a collection of antiques or family legacies is something to be pleased of. But do you want to gamble having such prized items on display all day?


They’re not the most pleasant things to have sitting around the home, and it’s mortifying to think of a young grandkid hitting something over. It’s better to have one or two special items on display, but keep the others behind a lock and key.


You Use Fake Plants

Fake plants are a clear trick that all your guests are too shy to admit they saw. They are a dull attempt to bring some life into your house and belong back in the 1990s. Once you enter your 40s, you should buy some proper plants.


As well as looking better, they will also improve the air around you and add a nice smell. They only require a little water each day.

You Have Pickle Jars On Display

What began as a fun quirk has quickly fallen into chaos. Your pickle jars above your cabinet or fridge are now older than your kids. You need to start building room for more food, more space, or more opportunities in your kitchen.


Soon, old pickle jars lose their appeal and you need to find a new approach to store your food. If you don’t want to get shed them completely, then think about keeping them in the cupboard where no one can view them.


Your Walls Are Covered With Frames

Have you heard the famous adage ‘less is more’? We understand that you want to show off all the pictures of loved ones and your family, but don’t exaggerate it. Many home decorators make the error of nailing too many frames to the wall of their living room, which can regularly lead it looking gathered or busy.


It’s far more effective to buy a digital frame with switching images. Now, none of your grandkids are ignored and there’s more room for artwork.

Having Vintage Fixtures

Keeping your house up to date doesn’t mean just playing a different Netflix movie on in the background. Occasionally you’ll need to make actual changes to the decoration of the house.


No more crucial fixture in your home shows its age as a wooden doorknob. Switch things up a bit a see how the energy in the place will change over time. It’s amazing how the small details make such a big difference.