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Dreamy Celebrity Mega Mansions



We all remember how the premiere of MTV Cribs first gave us the chance to peek inside the world of celebrity homes and hideaways. People just can’t help but wonder how the rich and famous really live! What does a $10 million home look like on the inside? Is there a secret basketball court on the second floor? How many aquariums and nightclubs does one residence really need?

Architectural Digest

The answer is sometimes even more surprising than what we would imagine. Fantasy homes are limited only by the dreams of the buyer, and we have found more than a few gems to share!

Eddie Murphy: Hollywood Hills ($85 Million)

After an initial investment of $20 million, Eddie Murphy probably thought he had it made. But on second thought, he decided to renovate! Currently, the 20,000 square foot house is valued at $85 million. This may sound extravagant, but Eddie Murphy is actually worth a shocking $120 million!

Eddie Murphy: $85 Million, Hollywood Hills

The Murphy family has 32 different rooms to choose from, and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities at their private disposal! To start, Eddie has his very own bowling alley and arcade. Very impressive, Eddie. When the family tires of these activities, two pools, a tennis court, and a horse stable are also available to keep them entertained all year round.


Beyonce and Jay-Z: Los Angeles ($45 Million)

The current king and queen of pop and hip hop live in a mega mansion truly fit for their titles. Their LA complex contains a whopping 123 rooms, which even includes a nightclub! Other indoor entertainment includes a bowling alley, a theater, and an aquarium.

Beyonce And Jay-Z: $45 Million, Los Angeles

Stepping outside, Beyonce and Jay-Z can enjoy a game of tennis or a stroll through their personal citrus orchard. Multiple swimming pools put this property on top line status. We are overwhelmed!

Britney Spears: California ($9 Million)

We all remember Britney Spears from her glory days in the 90’s, and it turns out that she has done very well for herself! This $9 million house provides more than 13,000 square feet for her children and visiting friends.

Britney Spears: $9 Million, California

Outdoor areas include a gazebo, spa, and beautiful gardens with fountains. Indoors, Britney can cook healthy California cuisine in three different kitchens while her kids play in the game room! With eight bedrooms and five bathrooms, Britney has no problem with space to relax and plot her next comeback! We can’t wait to see what’s next for the princess of pop.


Rihanna: Barbados ($22 Million)

Rihanna is worth $90 million these days, and we are not surprised to see that she decided to splurge on this luxurious island getaway in her native Barbados. Originally rented for her family, she loved it enough to purchased the 10,000-square-foot mansion for an extra-soft landing during future visits.

Rihanna: $22 Million, Barbados

Views of the ocean are available from the property, and residents can enjoy private tennis courts and a personal gym and spa. There is an area for visiting yachts to stop by, and boating friends can stay and enjoy the huge outdoor pool competing with direct beach access! We are definitely impressed.

John Travolta: Florida ($12 Million)

Actor John Travolta is is one of the biggest names around, and he chose his sanctuary hidden away from the LA noise in sunny Florida. A few key features make this estate truly fitting for his superstar status!

John Travolta: $12 Million, Florida

Many people may not be aware that he is a certified pilot, which is why he made sure to include two runways on his property for private use. As an man worth $160 million, this purchase was no big deal for John! When he is not flying small aircraft, he can relax with guests at his golf course and lounge at the pool. A gorgeous alternative to Los Angeles with great perks!


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher: Beverly Hills ($10 Million)

Everyone was delighted with the romantic sitcom reunion of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher in real life! Mila and Ashton are now married with two children, and they have more than enough space to accommodate their growing family. Their new co-owned house is 7,351 square feet, slightly smaller than Ashton’s previous residence. But don’t worry: There is definitely enough private space for the family with three bedrooms, and a lot of extra room for all the fun!

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher: $10 Million, Beverly Hills

These movie stars made sure to include a private home theater with a real popcorn machine, perfect for premiering their latest films. When they’re not watching movies with family and friends, Mila and Ashton can relax in their infinity pool and jacuzzi. Open fire pits on the property offer an opportunity for more family fun with marshmallows and ghost stories all year round.

Matthew McConaughey: Austin ($4 Million)

Texas native Matthew McConaughey may have made it big in Hollywood, but he went home to start his family project. A 10,000 square foot Spanish Mediterranean house is the current residence of his wife and three children, and seven bedrooms with eight bathrooms are just the beginning of this southern luxury experience.

Matthew McConaughey: $4 Million, Austin

Multiples avenues for boat access to a beautiful lake lead to plenty of docking space for watercraft. Locally, Matthew attends a nondenominational church and lives just a short ride away from beloved mom McConaughey. It is amazing to see just what $4 million can buy you outside of the crowded coasts!


Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady: California ($20 Million)

Tom and Gisele are some of the biggest and boldest names in their respective industries, and they definitely found a house to match! This 22,000 square foot property has some special features beyond its many rooms and picturesque window views. The couple made sure that their home purchase was in line with their values on environmental concerns, as Gisele is actually an ambassador for the matching UN program. Power is partially provided by photovoltaic solar panels — what a mouthful! — and gray-water technology offers H2O conservation in one of the most water-insecure states in the country.

Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady: $20 Million, California

In the garden, there is plenty to sample any day of the week: pears, guava, cucumbers, apples, tomatoes, and more! Gisele always has fresh eggs on site for her kids from her very own henhouse. Yummy!

Prince Harry: Kensington Palace ($2.6 Million)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially moved into a special cottage on the Kensington Palace grounds! Originally built as a mansion, the large palace itself has undergone many renovations and additions since the 17th century. This is certainly the oldest estate on the list!

Prince Harry: $2.6 Million, Kensington Palace

Nottingham Cottage is actually the same place the late Princess Diana lived, and it is sure to have symbolic meaning for Harry as he starts this new chapter for the royal family. Several rooms in the major mansion are open to the public for visiting, but the cottage remains a closed sanctuary for Harry and Megan to enjoy their private time. It seems they will have all the space they need during Meghan’s new mother experience, and beautiful gardens for their growing child.


Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux: Bel-Air ($22 Million)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are no longer a couple! They are currently in the process of selling their joint property together, but readers may be curious to find out where exactly these two superstars have been living all this time. Their $22 million home actually overlooked the world’s most expensive house ($500 million!), but it still has a lot of enviable perks in its own right!

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux: $22 Million, Bel-Air

Pacific ocean views and a 1,000 square foot multi-level tree house is really just the beginning: The property features a Korean clay-room spa, 40-seat home theater, a casino and nightclub, and a $3 million wine cellar! 20 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms offer plenty of space for guests, and a gym, nail salon, and spa make this property one of the most lavish on the list! Jennifer has been using a 2,000 square foot closet for all her designer wearables. Where will she store it all in the future? We will have to wait and see!

Taylor Swift: Rhode Island ($17 Million)

Officially the talent behind the highest-grossing music tour in American history, Taylor Swift boasts a variety of other impressive rankings on the annual lists in Forbes Magazine. “Power Women 2018” and “30 Under 30: All Star Alumni 2017” — to name a few!

Taylor Swift: $17 Million, Rhode Island

Her net worth is estimated to be around $280 million, and she has decided to invest in real estate as she goes forward. Currently, she has eight homes — $84 million worth! Her Rhode Island property is really the favorite for celebrity parties, and a closer look reveals why. Eight fireplaces and a pool are luxuries complementing seven bedrooms in this gorgeous northeastern coastal estate. 700 feet of shoreline seem to be an ideal setting for a party, but Taylor has had a few problems in the past with trespassers! Someone once swam up to her house, and she has taken serious security precautions to make sure her safety and privacy are maintained in the future. We are happy to hear that, Taylor!


Reese Witherspoon: Los Angeles ($20 Million)

America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon is known for her megawatt smile, and we think we know what’s behind it right now! This 10,000 square foot LA mansion is full of reasons to stay in and relax, with an infinity pool and a movie screening room for family and friends. Originally a southern belle, the entrance to her home is decorated with a “Hey Y’all” mat so she never forgets her roots while in the wilderness of Hollywood!

Reese Witherspoon: $20 million, Los Angeles

A full private gym keeps her in shape for her next role, and a beautiful and bright kitchen is available when grandma comes to visit and share home cooked recipes with the three children. The decor throughout the house is traditional and bright, just like we might expect from Reese. Truly lovely! And a bonus: Just in case she gets homesick, Reese does maintain an additional four houses in Nashville.

Michael Jordan: Chicago ($15 Million)

The man, the legend. In case you haven’t checked back in with him for awhile, Michael Jordan is currently worth almost $2 billion! Unsurprisingly, he owns multiple properties. His classic Chicago residence from his days as a Bulls player is currently for sale, and it is quite the home! Should he stay there, nine bedrooms and twelve bathrooms offer spacious accommodation for his wife and five children.

Michael Jordan: $15 Million, Chicago

Also unsurprisingly, the home features an indoor basketball court! Outdoors, buyers will find gorgeous gardens and tennis courts. Who knew Michael had a tennis hobby? The interior is custom decorated with Michael Jordan logos in some rooms, and the next owner will likely renovate to their own taste. Unless of course, they are mega fans!


Jennifer Lawrence: Beverly Hills ($8 Million)

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar winner and a household name, but few know about her own house! Where does she live these days? It turns out that Jennifer decided to move in to Jessica’s Simpson and Ellen’s old place! A variety of famous owners have occupied the space before, and Jennifer was able to purchase it at an $8 million price tag this time around.

Jennifer Lawrence: $8 Million, Beverly Hills

The interior of the home is bright and elegant, and the grounds are delightfully private. Jennifer can swim in her pool surrounded by lush nature, and no one can see — not even the notorious California paparazzi. Five bedrooms and six bathrooms cover 5,500 square feet. A great starter home for a blockbuster actress with much more to come!

Kylie Jenner: California ($3.3 Million)

The youngest self-made billionaire in the world has made sure to carve out a lovely California sanctuary for herself when she’s off the clock. A seemingly minimalist choice for a billionairess with its purchase price, this is actually not her only house. Kylie is making her investments wisely at a young age by buying multiple properties, with around $40 million in real estate in just the last 2 years.

Kylie Jenner: $3.3 Million, California

This particular mansion spans more than 4,800 feet and features a chic black and white layout. A recent mom, Kylie has her very own pool when she wants to relax and de-stress with her boyfriend rapper Travis Scott. The real question fans may have is: Where does this millennial fashion icon keep all her clothes? No need to worry, because she now has 3 impressive walk-in closets to store her very favorites!


Justin Bieber: Hollywood Hills ($20 Million)

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop stars in the world today, and has said that he really values his privacy. But look, his house is all windows! It turns out that he has special blackout shutters to keep the paparazzi out, which is entirely understandable. From a respectful distance, let’s take a look at the type of property that a youngster with $200 million in estimated net worth would choose to live in.

Justin Bieber: $20 Million, Hollywood Hills

It appears that Justin has an infinity pool and a seven-car garage, and the home features heated floors and a private wine cellar. Six bedrooms and seven bathrooms allow enough hangout space for all his friends to come and stay when he decides he does want company. Very nice, Justin!

Ed Sheeran: London ($10 Million)

Ed Sheeran keeps a South London residence when he is not singing on stages around the world. The former singer has actually been homeless in the past! A song he wrote was inspired by this experience, but now it is merely artistic expression.

Ed Sheeran: $10 Million, London

His giant property currently includes a 1,000 bottle wine cellar to share with family and friends, and a home music studio. Seems like a necessity to have close by when inspiration takes over! While his house has plenty of rooms to choose from, one standout feature is his personal underground pub! We’d love to have a drink with you, Ed.


Adam Levine: Holmby Hills ($18 Million)

Adam Levine is well known for pop hits that have dominated the charts for more than a decade, but few know where he resides! This $18 million mansion was purchased to live in with his wife Behati Prinsloo, a former Victoria’s Secret model. They began the process of renovating it, but then found out they were expecting a baby! Quickly, they abandoned their major home project to focus on other things.

Adam Levine: $18 Million, Holmby Hills

The property was sold shortly thereafter, but what was the original plan? It appears that 9,200 square feet was a lot to take on for renovation! A guesthouse, multi-car garage, and pool with a cabana hut are key features of the 1.2 acre home for the next lucky buyer. The couple owns multiple properties and frequently buys and flips real estate. Where will Adam live next, and for how long? No one can be sure!

Kathie Lee Gifford: Florida ($10.5 Million)

We’ve all seen Kathy Lee’s lovable face on our TV every morning. But she has actually been in the business for more than 30 years! What kind of house does such a long career in entertainment buy you in Florida? Let’s take a look!

Kathie Lee Gifford: $10.5 Million, Florida

Key Largo is the location of this splendid mansion, which is actually just a stroll away from the waves! Living space includes 11,400 square feet, and many rooms overlook the water. This includes a lovely dining room where guests can watch the sunset over the beautiful scenery. Amenities include a gym to always stay in tip top shape for TV, as well as a variety of outdoor sports options: two golf carts, paddle boards, a ski jet, and various bikes. This gorgeous Florida retreat is actually up for sale! But why, Kathy?


Judge Judy Sheindlin: Rhode Island ($9 Million)

And who doesn’t love Judge Judy? With her razor sharp wit and enough sass to go around, we need to know what life is like for her outside of the courtroom. It turns out that she chooses to live in Rhode Island, and the home is pure New England luxury that was once owned by the Campbell Soup heiress!

Judge Judy Sheindlin: $9 Million, Rhode Island

Judge Judy paid millions to be close to the sea, and near a cliff! In fact, this sale was the most expensive home purchase in the state that year. Beautifully designed landscaping outside and a cozy fireplace inside means that the family has plenty to enjoy. Actually, we are not sure why she is so grouchy! The house seems very relaxing, doesn’t it?

Katy Perry: Los Angeles ($4 Million)

As one of the hottest pop stars in the world right now, Katy Perry can afford more than a basic pad in LA. This mansion looks positively Mediterranean, and it is made of some pretty serious stone: marble and granite. Like many houses in California, this one has a pool for the hot summer days.

Katy Perry: $4 Million, Los Angeles

Perhaps you have been wondering where she keeps all the clothes and outrageous costumes that she has become known for. The surprising answer is, the garage! She actually converted the entire structure into a huge closet so she has more than enough space for last year as well as next year’s craziest fashions! Great idea, Katy.


Michael Phelps: Scottsdale ($2.5 Million)

Major question: Where exactly does the greatest swimmer of all time live? We are dying to know if he has an Olympic home pool! It looks like Michael has made the Scottsdale area his permanent home — and it seems you can really get a lot in that city for just $2.5 million.

Michael Phelps: $2.5 Million, Scottsdale

A comfortable 6,000 square feet house five bedrooms for his wife and growing family. The Phelps clan has not one, but four fireplaces to choose from in the chilly Arizona winter. Just kidding! We don’t know why he wanted so many warming features, but he also has a beautiful BBQ area to hang out and cook lean protein for his next race. And yes — there is a gorgeous pool! But actually, it is just recreational size. And surprised we are!

Rob Lowe: Santa Barbara ($42 Million)

Rob seems like he has been hiding quietly for some time, but where has he been? Maybe he has no reason to leave the house anymore! This mansion has a whopping $42 million price tag and it is clearly fit for a king. Let’s take a look inside!

Rob Lowe: $42 Million, Santa Barbara

Rob and his wife live inside a 10,000 square-foot house that was once featured in a design magazine. Fountains outside and a hot tub inside are luxuries he takes for granted! The interior is decorated according to an old English style motif, and the pool outside is great for Hollywood parties. Although serious and deadly mudslides happened after a period of California wildfires recently, Rob was lucky that his investment was totally unaffected. Thank goodness! This is quite the gem.


Leonardo DiCaprio: Belize ($1.75 Million)

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the highest paid and well known actors on earth, and he has a house to go along wi9th that status. In fact, he has a few! This extra getaway in South America is tropical luxury that we can only dream of!

Leonardo DiCaprio: $1.75 Million, Belize

It turns out that you actually don’t need to spend a lot of money in Belize to get first-rate beachfront for yourself. Leo only paid $1.75 million for this extra property, and he can stay there while he plans the eco-resort already in the works that wants to locate in the country. As an outspoken environmental activist, it appears he is trying to provide more choices for like minded vacationers in the future.

Vanna White: Beverly Hills ($47.5 Million)

We all know Vanna White from her longtime role on Wheel of Fortune, but few people know where she relaxes after the show! Beverly Hills appears to be her location of choice for many years, and her mansion occupies space on 22,194 square feet of real estate. But what is inside? We must know more!

Vanna White: $47.5 Million, Beverly Hills

This Tuscan style house is two stories tall, and there is enough room for family and guests. Eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms offer privacy for many people who can also enjoy the private wine cellar and spa on the premises. Looks like she just listed it for sale, actually. Where will Vanna go next? What kind of upgrade can top this? So many questions, no answers yet!


Minnie Driver: Hollywood Hills ($2.5 Million)

Minnie Driver won our hearts in great films over the years, such as Good Will Hunting. After an Oscar nomination for the film, maybe Minnie thought she had it all. But wait! Every celebrity needs a house to match their success. So where did she settle down?

Minnie Driver: $2.5 million, Hollywood Hills

Minnie settled in the Hollywood Hills, a popular place for actors in the LA area. She is the owner of a $2.5 million property that was featured on the pages of Elle Decor in 2017. Clearly she went for quality over quantity, because it is not the largest or most expensive home on the list — but it may be the most stylishly designed!

Lady Gaga: Hollywood Hills ($5.25 Million)

Lady Gaga actually purchased the former home of Frank Zappa, which makes sense — many would say she is a rock star of sorts in her own right! The home is located in Hollywood Hills, and the living space is an impressive 6,759 square feet on approximately half an acre. What’s inside, Gaga?

Lady Gaga: $5.25 Million, Hollywood Hills

Seven bedrooms with six bathrooms offer plenty of spaces for her to decorate, and there are many exciting amenities that make this a mansion well suited for her lifestyle. A recording studio and two guest houses are great additions to the home, and she even has an art gallery! If that wasn’t enough, she has a tennis court on the roof! Who knew Lady Gaga had this sports hobby? People are sometimes more varied than we think!


Courtney Cox: Malibu ($33 Million)

Was Courtney Cox your favorite friend? Where does ‘Monica’ live these days? This $33 million house in Malibu is quite architecturally interesting on the outside. Apparently hse is a big fan of simple monochromatic decor, but a designer convinced her to add extra color throughout the house. She says she enjoys finding interesting pieces at flea markets, and that sounds like an interesting hobby!x

Courtney Cox: $33 Million, Malibu

Outside a dining terrace near the pool has a stunning oceanfront view, and inside she has included many plants to keep things natural and fresh. Very nice, Courtney Cox!

Adele: Beverly Hills ($9.5 Million)

Although some might assume she only spends her time in England, Adele actually owns this California mansion! In Beverly Hills, apparently 6,500 square feet will cost you a pretty penny. And she only has four bedrooms! But wait, what else might she have in this giant space?

Adele: $9.5 Million, Beverly Hills

To start, she has two dining rooms to choose from when she is not playing her living room piano. Multiple fireplaces are a warm and homey addition, and she also has a spa! Outside is impressive, as well: A gorgeous ground pool and even a tree house make this a very special place, indeed. We’re glad she has a sunny place to get inspired, because we can’t wait for her next album!


Bruce Willis: New York ($9 Million)

Bruce Willis is one of the biggest names around, and we want to know more about how he has invested his blockbuster millions. It appears he has a very nice 8,400 square foot estate across the country from Hollywood, all the way in Bedford, New York. So what attracted him to this particular home? Let’s find out!

Bruce Willis: $9 Million, New York

Inside are five bedrooms and eight bathrooms that certainly offer a lot of choice, but he also has three different guest houses outside! When he wants to relax, a heated pool is available for family and friends. Perhaps they can enjoy some drinks from his 1,500 bottle wine cellar, or play a game of tennis on his private court! Fun fact: The house uses very modern climate control technology to keep things comfortable in every season. Very cool, Bruce.

Meg Ryan: Soho ($10.9 Million)

Meg has always been in the running for the title of America’s sweetheart, and audiences have enjoyed watching her in romantic comedies for decades now! But we haven’t heard from her in awhile. Where does she hang out now?

Meg Ryan: $10.9 Million, Soho

It turns out that she has taken up residence in Soho, New York. We’ve all heard this is a stylish and exclusive area, but what does Meg’s interior space look like? This 4,100 square foot mansion is gorgeously designed in black and white with energizing green plants and lots of light. Meg has decided to try her hand at directing, and we think that this is an excellent place to brainstorm ideas for her work behind the camera. Please design our place, Meg!


Keira Knightley: New York ($6 Million)

English charm is something Americans have always gone crazy over, and Keira has enough to spare. We love seeing her on screen, but does her home also take inspiration from classic British motifs?

Keira Knightley: $6 Million, New York

Nope, it turns out that she went for a funkier look right in the heart of Tribeca in New York City. In a city with shockingly limited space, 3,820 square feet on two floors in the same unit is a real find! Wooden flooring and bright splashes of color in just the right places make this a great sanctuary in big city, especially in the grey cold winter season. Yes, we love it!

Kate Upton: Benedict Canyon ($5.5 Million)

Sports Illustrated covergirl Kate Upton always turns heads, but what about her 5,500 square foot California home? Is it as eye catching as the model herself?

Kate Upton: $5.5 Million, Benedict Canyon

Well, we’re going to say no — but it’s hard to compete with Kate. The interior is pretty stunning, though! She lives near Beverly Hills, not far away from many big names we all know. Perhaps she hosts them in this bright space with white, warm woods, and color accents as her design. Or perhaps they swim in the pool or play tennis on her private court! You found yourself a very nice pad, Kate. Yes, we approve.


Angelina Jolie: Los Feliz ($24.5 Million)

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful and interesting women on the planet, and we absolutely need to know where she spends her time these days as a single woman. So what does her fresh start look like? Let’s see!

Angelina Jolie: $24.5 Million, Los Feliz

She recently bought this mansion located in Los Feliz, an area that actually has many creative people hoping to make it in the entertainment business and art world. Six bedrooms are a must-have for her many children — she has six, after all — and she has a gorgeous pool surrounded by green space to relax and plot her next moves. What will she do next? Activism, film, or something totally unexpected? We will have to wait and see!

Mark Wahlberg: Beverly Hills ($30 Million)

Marky Mark has really come a long way since he first introduced himself to us as a rapper in the early 90’s. His surprising second career as a blockbuster actor in Hollywood has been pleasantly entertaining! But how does he spend his time off camera? Where does he live, anyway?

Mark Wahlberg: $30 Million, Beverly Hills

Mark lives in Beverly Hills, and has purchased a mansion with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. He has exciting leisure options right at home, including a basketball court and a two story gym with his own boxing ring! He also has a movie theater for private viewing of his latest work, and a unique jacuzzi for relaxation hidden by a cave structure. Last but not least, the property includes a pool with a waterfall. Very impressive!


Tobey Maguire: West Hollywood ($3.3 Million)

Tobey Maguire — aka Spiderman — lives in a $3.75 million sunny mansion in California today. To be specific: West Hollywood. But what made Tobey interested in this particular mansion among many?

Tobey Maguire: $3.3 Million, West Hollywood

The property has three bedrooms and four bathrooms for friends and family visits, and a beautiful bright kitchen with an extra high ceiling. Outside is a gorgeous pool situated in privacy with natural greenery as a barrier opposite the house. The interior was designed by architect Clive Wilkinson who also created the space for Googleplex, and very interesting glass walls and angles throughout the home mean this is not your average LA home at all. Interesting bonus feature: A movie screen rolls out of the ceiling in his master bedroom so he can relive his Spiderman adventures whenever he gets in the mood. Super cool, very unique.

Chris Hemsworth: Byron Bay ($15 Million)

The Hemsworth brothers have been an area of public fascination for some time now. How can one family have so much talent? They all seem to be doing very well, and Chris has decided to make his real estate dreams a reality in New South Wales. And dreamy it is, we must admit!

Chris Hemsworth: $15 Million, Byron Bay

His wife and children enjoy this multi-level complex with six different buildings surrounded by lush nature and spectacular views. The property is on more than 11 acres, and they have not one but two pools to hang out and refresh themselves in the summertime. One pool looks like a lagoon, and the other is more standard for swimming exercise practice. Maybe that’s how Chris stays in shape to be Thor onscreen! Honestly, we would love to know his secret.


Christina Aguilera: Los Angeles ($13.5 Million)

Christina, where oh where have you been? We have really missed you in recent years, but we figure you are keeping busy in your 11,000 square foot mega house somewhere in LA. Let’s see what this entails!

Christina Aguilera: $13.5 Million, Los Angeles

This gorgeous mansion has everything Christina Aguilera needs, safely out of the public eye. The home includes a recording studio, which probably surprises no one. One of these days she is sure to pop out a new album, but we don’t know when that will be. In the meantime, she has major areas of storage for all her designer clothes, and rumor has it that they are actually color coordinated! The exterior of this home is one of the most stunning on the list, with a red mosaic terrace and Spanish roof that might be an ode to her father’s South American heritage. No matter where you’re from, this design is absolutely stunning. Put us on the resale waiting list, please!