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Is It Possible To Learn A Language In Three Weeks?





Nowadays many people speak two, or even three, languages. This is due to an ever-expanding world of cultures and access to more information than ever before. As we get older it’s more difficult to learn new languages, even though we could benefit from Spanish, French, or German alongside our native English.

Now, there are plenty of apps that can work within our busy schedules to help us learn a language. Whether it’s during our commute or relaxing at the end of the day, this app claims that you can learn a new language in three weeks – which one would you choose?

According to Babbel, their new language app is specifically designed by language experts to optimize our learning habits. They have suggested that adults need 15 hours of study time to learn the basic conversational skills needed to take you anywhere. Currently, it has courses in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Swedish.

Keywords and Key Words

Another asset that Babbel provides is giving its users real-life phrases to use – unlike the ones we all learned in school. British comedian Eddie Izzard famously wrote a sketch, which he performed in English and French, about the oddities of such phrases. “The mouse is under the table and the monkey is on the branch!” He would yell, seemingly remembering the arbitrary expressions he was taught decades before.

Babbel ignores such expressions and dives into the important words, like asking for water or introducing yourself. These are the words we use to flirt with different cultures and identities, so it makes sense to use them immediately. If you are learning Spanish with Babbel, you’ll be able to order your tapas dinner in only a few minutes.

Time Is Of The Essence

A schedule is key, and Babbel knows it. The most common excuse for not adopting a new habit or skill is ‘not enough time’. Each Babbel session is designed to take 15-20 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time while sitting on public transport or relaxing at home. It can be easily adopted into your schedule to make your language lessons consistent and frequent.

Learning Should Be Fun!

We’re more likely to retain information if we are having fun along the way. That’s why we usually know more about cats and Kardashians than we do other more ‘important’ things. Babbel’s little and often approach offers diverse and relevant lessons to keep you on your toes while you learn.

So is it possible to learn a language in only three weeks? Malcolm Gladwell claims you can become a master at anything in 10,000 hours, so 15 scarcely seems viable. The fact is if you want to learn a language the best thing you can do is start today. See how it goes and make sure to keep yourself engaged for a quick and consistent time.

Good luck, buena suerte, bonne chance, and 祝好運!