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Midwest Mansions Are Very Real




The Midwest is widely thought of as a friendly, down to earth region of the country with agriculture and small town living outside the major cities. Some urban dwellers have dismissively coined it “flyover country” and think there is little luxury to be seen in the center!

Midwest luxury

Today, it’s time for an exposé on hidden decadence. The Midwest offers a chance to live like an 18th century noble for the cost of a comfortable property in major coastal city centers. Don’t believe us? Readers may be surprised to compare prices to the market rates for similar mega mansions in New York and LA. All homes are currently on the 2019 market! Let’s begin.

New Albany, OH ($4,500,000)

Recently designated the best suburb in America, New Albany’s government describes itself as a master planned community that showcases the very best of small town America. This 13,687 square foot family home might give you more information about that claim! Maybe they know what they’re talking about?


Ideal for entertaining, the nine bedroom mansion features multiple fireplaces and a recently renovated kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances. An exercise room, ground pool, theater, and 6-car garage add to its splendor on perfectly manicured green lawns. Green as far as the eye can see, actually. We suppose we would be willing to live here, if push comes to shove. And by that, we mean move us in ASAP or we will never be whole again!

Blacklick, OH ($3,500,000)

This 20,000 square foot brick and stone manor is located on the lakefront. Beautifully designed gardens are surrounded by very fresh green lawn. A great start, sure. But what’s inside?


Seven bedrooms and a gourmet kitchen are enhanced by other amenities for year round entertainment: A recreation room, wet bar, and a home theater for hosting guests. Access to the lake is only a few steps away for those inclined to take part in water sports during the warm Ohio summer. Private luxury and leisure, coming right up!

Lake Forest, IL ($3,100,000)

This eight bedroom English country masterpiece is set on six acres of manicured gardens, and is a real standout even for Chicago’s monied suburban neighborhoods. An astonishing 19 rooms are decorated with imported material from a noble estate in Shrewsbury, dating back to the sixteenth century. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday in LA!

Lake Forest

Amenities include an English-style pub, a charming library, and a butler’s pantry. Its actual construction took place in the 1920’s, and remains a real estate rarity today anywhere in the United States. Care for a private pint? Yes, your highness, we do!

Saint Charles, IL ($3,999,999)

This regal Illinois home boasts six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, situated on 1.7 acres behind a private brick entrance and a picturesque pond. Residents can enjoy the luxury of using two dramatic theaters, a private pool, a master suite with a spa bath, a hot tub, and a sauna before relaxing in front of the fireplace. Father frost, you lose!


The chef’s kitchen and wet bar complete the ultimate living experience in this extraordinary Midwestern property. What could you do with an extra 14,500 square feet?

Oak Brook, IL ($7,500,000)

This six bedroom luxury estate complete with a 25 foot swimming pool and multiple outdoor firepits is situated on a direct route to entertainment in downtown Chicago. Now that’s what we call ideal! Living here means everyday access to a private 2,000 square foot fitness center and multiple outdoor athletic courts. Very nice, good sir.

Sotheby’s International Realty

But the interior has even more to offer: A sauna and cold pool, eight fireplaces, and a pub and club room with a cigar air filtration system. Bonus: A 2000 bottle temperature controlled wine cellar and heated floors! Could this be the ultimate hosting experience for friends and family? Let’s see what else the Midwest is hiding, before we get ahead of ourselves!

Akron, OH ($8,650,000)

Akron is known as the hometown of famous American rock band The Black Keys, but few people are aware of its architectural attractions. This neoclassical French chateau was commissioned by Harvey S. Firestone Jr. of the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company family. When you’re the king of rubber, only a palace will do!

Akron mansion

The property was built in the style of Versailles and is ornamented throughout its rooms with antique marble and embellished moldings. Residents can enjoy a squash court, nine different gardens, and an arboretum featuring a waterfall. The elegance of this unique 13,927 square foot Ohio estate simply cannot be understated! We are beyond impressed.

Leawood, KS ($3,800,000)

An unusual listing for buyers with an eye for modern design, this 8,601 square foot property is located within the Kansas City metropolitan area. What, did you think it was all corn out there? No way!


Residents enjoy 18 foot high ceilings with six bedrooms to choose from, as well as a unique steel floating staircase and massive windows for a sunny day. Several office spaces, a pool, and a koi pond offer opportunities for work and relaxation in style. Kansas style!

Chicago, IL ($45,000,000)

Location, location, location. This classic masterpiece in Chicago’s charming Lincoln Park neighborhood is a rarity in the modern urban environment where space is a pipe dream on a good day.


Walking distance from urban nightlife in one of America’s biggest cities, this 25,000 square foot residence offers an antique garden and a reflecting pool for serenity in the bustling mega metropolis of the Midwest. With six bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, you can’t go wrong!

Lake Forest, IL ($5,750,000)

This splendid estate comes with its own apple orchard and wine cellar! Owners will enjoy heated terracotta floors in its state-of-the-art kitchen during the infamous chilly winter season that Illinois residents conquer each and every year. Jack Frost, get out of here!


Vaulted timber ceilings accent already stylish interior. We might be satisfied with this six bedroom, 13,575 square foot property filled with light. But maybe the Midwest has a few more hidden options!

Minneapolis, MN ($5,995,000)

Minnesota hosts this extravagant mansion listed on the National Historic Registry, and it is now back on the market after 35 years. Built at a super high point in the city, this property offers a seven car garage, a stunning library, and a beautiful private pool.


Roman columns complete the look of this ten bedroom grand mansion, and we’re loving it. By the way, notable Minnesota natives include some pretty big names: Prince, Josh Hartnett, Judy Garland, and Bob Dylan. Who knew?

Wayzata, MN ($14,895,000)

Lake Minnetonka became nationally famous as the setting of the film Purple Rain in the 1980’s, but the film did not showcase the secret luxury available on the lake frequented by sailors and fishermen in Minnesota.

Midwest mansions

This 18,000 square foot estate sits atop the highest point in Wayzata, ideal for viewing sunsets on its sky-deck over the water! Amenities include a private bowling alley, theater, sport court, and a unique music club for residents. Great stuff! But what about the states below?

Lone Jack, MO ($2,300,000)

This 8,000 square foot grand family home on the river in the heart of small-town Missouri features a climate-controlled garage and a private sauna. Beautiful landscaping and lighting surrounds the property with waterproofed decking and ponds with fountains. Wow, we say!

Midwest mansions

The home offers two indoor kitchens and one outdoor kitchen for aspiring gourmands, and dinner in the summer can be under the gazebo every night if it tickles your fancy. The price point for this legit mansion is mind blowing, especially if you’ve never looked at Missouri real estate before. And we bet you haven’t!

Lake Bluff, IL ($19,500,000)

Beautiful views on 700 feet of gorgeous Lake Michigan shoreline are just the beginning of this decadent Illinois mansion on 12 acres of manicured green lawn and forestry. Don’t you think this is stunning?

Midwest mansions

Privacy was key in the construction of this tree shrouded property, and residents enjoy access to their very own vineyard. With more than 9,000 square feet of internal living space and an outdoor ground pool, this magnificent home is a sight to be seen! Yes, please.

Weldon Spring, MO ($4,250,000)

This regal family home in the Missouri River Valley boasts panoramic views of pristine Midwestern scenery. Seven private acres host a property with surprising amenities behind the scenes: a dual racquetball-basketball court, luxurious sauna, and a personal gym. Maybe we would actually enjoy whipping ourselves into shape if we could do it here!

Midwest mansions

More than 14,000 square feet host rooms with custom wood and fine granite for counter space. And of course there is a giant crystal chandelier. We wouldn’t have it any other way! What’s more, multiple garages are something residents can take for granted as they plan our their Ferrari purchases. And the installation of an elevator and a giant sweeping staircase offer access for all in this luxurious estate fit for Missouri royalty!

Bloomfield Township, MI ($10,000,000)

An extraordinary estate for tennis lovers is now on the market in the most beautiful area of suburban Michigan. Boasting a full outdoor court is just the beginning, as the property was actually the home of a retired NBA player who made sure to maintain an additional indoor basketball court. No surprise there!

Midwest mansions

A private pool ensures plenty of room for relaxation after hours of leisure and sport. There’s even a home theater for the family! But is there really enough space inside of this multimedia structure for daily living? Yes indeed! 26,000 square feet will do.

Metamora, MI ($3,495,000)

This four bedroom, 8,000 square foot Michigan ranch property hosts an LED illuminated outdoor pool right on the lakefront. Not bad, not bad. But is that it? Why did this home make the list?


Additional amenities include a golf simulator, movie theater, home bar, and billiards lounge for leisure and luxury in wooded seclusion. Environmentally aware buyers will be happy to know that this property is actually run by energy efficient geothermal heat. Buyers should know they can keep their wallets and minds at ease, even in the freezing season!

Long Lake, MN ($12,900,000)

Located in the hometown of Minnesota’s current governor, this 15,858 square foot architectural masterpiece provides access to more than 700 feet of private shoreline. And doesn’t this garden look positively royal?

Midwest mansions

A pool and pool house are key features here, and a master gourmet kitchen offers modern convenience for residents of the property to enjoy culinary adventures as a family. A refuge from busy city life, without question.

Chicago, IL ($21,900,000)

This nationally registered historic landmark in the heart of downtown Chicago is a piece of city history. 13,400 square feet of private property is nearly impossible to acquire in this major urban center, particularly in the Gold Coast area. It’s a tiny bit more expensive for a very good reason!

Midwest mansions

Designed in the 19th century, its six bedrooms and seven bathrooms are covered in silk wallpaper and handcrafted wooden panels. The home even features stained glass windows. Residents will enjoy views of Washington Square, just a short walk away from Lake Michigan. Could be Gastby’s second home! That is, if he was real. And, if the year was 1925. But of course, these are just details.

Mazomanie, WI ($4,500,000)

Private gates lead to this spacious 12,000 square foot mansion nestled in the Wisconsin countryside thirty miles west of the state capitol. Wide open views of the local green landscape are just stunning! Its pub, theater, and billiard room provide entertainment for guests in the cold Wisconsin winter, and the outdoor ground pool offers a refreshing dip in the summer months. Yes, we’ll take it!


Stone accents and high vaulted ceilings are some of the exquisite internal details. And of course, residents can lounge in front of several fireplaces while taste testing from the private wine cellar. Modern amenities are not spared with an exercise room for use all year round! Big bonus, since it doesn’t look like there’s a gym anywhere near this splendid estate!

Oconomowoc, WI ($10,500,000)

And finally: Few are aware that a replica of Anne Boleyn’s castle exists in a woodland area of of Wisconsin. But why? We have no idea, but who cares! This regal estate is named Minnewoc, and more than 800 feet of private lake access with an island is a benefit only residents can enjoy.

Midwest mansions

The home has been updated with modern smart technology throughout its many decadently detailed rooms. A true architectural gem with more than 16,000 square feet of private living space for one lucky Wisconsin buyer! Will it be you?