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The Sneakers of Silicon Valley Billionaires



The titans of industry during our era seem a little different than the Andrew Carnegie varieties Americans once admired. Now they are masters of code, innovators of design — and more visible to the public than billionaires once were due to the very social media products they invent!

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Perhaps the world sees a post or two from these successful personalities, but there is one aspect of life that isn’t published enough. And that is, the shoes. We know you’ve had some burning questions about the topic! Unlike Wall Street, Silicon Valley is not full of designer suits. Casual and understated California fashion is key to fitting into this bubble, and that might include the CEO’s themselves! Let’s see if the footwear of the most powerful people in tech today fits into this low-key aesthetic, shall we?

Larry Page ($52.3 Billion)

Model: Allbirds

Price: $95

Allbirds is a shoe brand you may not have heard of, but they are all the rage in Silicon Valley. The sneaker is made of a material that most footwear companies don’t incorporate: New Zealand wool! Former professional athlete Tim Brown wanted to create a product that used the resources of a country that hosts 27 million sheep, and he received a development grant from local industry. Allbirds was created as a super-breathable, comfortable shoe that supposedly temperature regulates the user’s foot! Perhaps that is why Larry Page of Google is said to be a big fan. These lightweight sneakers sound great going in and out of the air conditioned office to the California summer heat, day after day.

Silicon Valley Billionaires
Gear Patrol

Allbirds tries to use sustainable materials in addition to wool in its products, like sugarcane and eucalyptus tree fibers. But wool is itchy, right? Actually, this level of refined wool is used for Armani and Gucci suits, and is entirely non-itchy. Thank goodness! The brand is expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue over the next few years, and it’s not hard to see why! Current storefronts exist in New Zealand, Canada, America, and London.

Mark Zuckerberg ($67.3 Billion)

Model: Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

Price: $110

Harvard dropout and Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg may have the means to wear designer everything, but it turns out he is still a very down to earth guy when it comes to his footwear. Mark has been spotted wearing Nike Flyknit Lunar 3’s when he is out walking with his wife. They must be pretty comfortable shoes!

Silicon Valley Billionaires
Shoes Clan

Manufacturer specs for this shoe state that the outsole of the Nike Flyknit Lunar 3 is made of BRS 1000 carbon rubber, which is meant to offer amazing traction no matter what kind of surface you encounter. Overall, the shoes are lightweight with layers that offer great support and durability for running and walking. If we have to throw him a bone here, maybe managing the biggest social media project in the world simply takes priority over cultivating a fashion sense different than high school. Maybe we get it. We have a feeling Mark is running back and forth all over the place, so he probably knows what he’s doing with his shoe choices.

Jack Dorsey ($4.7 Billion)

Model: Rick Owens Island Dunks

Price: $1,000

Jack Dorsey is the cofounder of Twitter, one of the biggest breakout social media ideas of the last 10 years. Before that venture, Jack was a computer programmer and probably wasn’t wearing a grand on his feet of all places. But now, he loves strolling around wearing Rick Owens designer kicks. What do you think of the Island Dunks?

Silicon Valley Billionaires
I Dig Your Sole Man

At the moment, Jack is working on a new idea in the field of mobile payments. He is the CEO of Square, which allows new and faster ways to accept and transfer money through your cell phone. And the company has been making some major acquisitions lately: Zesty, a food delivery service for businesses — Weebly, a website builder competing with WIX — and Eloquent Labs, an AI startup. With all these fancy projects, maybe Jack can get away with such a crazy price tag for his shoes! As it turns out, he has expensive taste in general: $300 t shirts and $2000 leather jackets are actually routine wear for the king of Twitter.

Elon Musk ($18.1 Billion)

Model: Custom Nike Model Y

Price: Unknown

Entrepreneur Elon Musk first became a superstar with his futuristic car brand Tesla, which aimed to bring fully-electric cars to the market as soon as possible. Are you driving one yet? Probably not, but his vision definitely was ambitious. After bringing a lot of attention to the possibilities of electric powered vehicles, he has moved on to the next frontier: Space! His new company SpaceX is valued at more than $20 billion. Commercial travel to space seems far away, but perhaps he sees something the rest of the world cannot right now!

Silicon Valley Billionaires
DM Custom Sneakers

Our real question is, what does Elon Musk wear on his feet during his plots to conquer space? The answer appears to be a bit more complicated than Mark Zuckerburg’s CEO shoe choices. These Nikes were commissioned by a friend, and a variety of special materials were used for the final design: Genuine python skin, pony hair, metallic leather. Sadly, only seven pairs exist.

Jeff Bezos ($150.1 Billion)

Model: Converse Jack Purcell Low-Top

Price: $50

Jeff Bezos may rule the world in some sense right now. The world of online commerce, anyway. For many years, Jeff drove a 1996 Honda Accord to Amazon everyday. This is hardly the status car of most billionaires, or even millionaires! So what does this practical yet powerful fashionist-o choose when it comes time for shoes?

Silicon Valley Billionaires

It turns out that he makes a rather classic and practical choice, going with the Jack Purcells many of his customers undoubtedly wear. Do you find him more relatable now? The history of this converse model is long, as they have been in production since 1935. Jack Purcell himself was a worldwide badminton champion, and he designed these personally way back then! Today, they come in many colors and special editions. Jeff seems to like the darker basic variety, and we wonder if he actually ordered them through Amazon during his busy schedule!