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Super Luxury Pets for the Rich



The wealthy might have it all, and that includes some of the most unusual pets on earth. While fancy dog breeds may have cut it in the past, nowadays there are exotic and unique upgrades to show off on social media. And many cannot resist!


Once you have that lavish estate and a garage full of rare european cars, a furry (or feathery) friend is key to balancing your collection of pretty things. Read on to find out the latest pet trends that only top dollar can buy!

Savannah Cat

This is not your average cat! If you think the savannah cat looks a little bit wild, you would be right. It is actually a cross breed between the house kitty you know well and a serval, a small cat that hunts birds and reptiles throughout North Africa. The International Cat Association accepted it as an official breed in 2001, and it is currently produced in very small numbers due to the varying gestation period between domestic and wild felines. Buyers should be prepared to pay up to $12,000 to have this lovely spotted meow meow as their very own.

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Behaviorally, the savannah cat loves water and may wildly splash its own bowl around just for fun. It may hiss like a loud snake! It might also chirp like a serval or meow like a cat, depending on the litter. Be prepared: This pet retains its wild jumping abilities, and you may find it on the top of the refrigerator from time to time when it is not following you around the house as a loyal friend!

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a breed originating from Asia whose ancestors were used to guard monasteries and homes, as well as to protect livestock from wolves and tigers. Impressive! This fluffy guardian gained a lot of publicity after a single dog was purchased by a Chinese businessman for $1.5 million! Typically, however, they cost around $5,000. What should a potential buyer know beyond the price tag?

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Tibetan Mastiffs are not suited for small apartment living, due to their size. They need a spacious yard to play, and sleep a lot during the day. But don’t worry: They are quite active at night, guarding your house and waiting to bark at all intruders and robbers coming your way! These intelligent and gorgeous dogs can be a wonderful addition to your family, but should be properly trained to get their noble guardian instincts under control in the modern environment. Fun fact: A zoo in China tried to present this dog as a real lion on display! Would you actually be fooled?

Lavender Albino Ball Python

This exquisite purple serpent is a rarity that will cost you up to $40,000! While there are similar snakes with a white base, it is quite unusual to find this variation in the gene pool. Snake owners will be happy to know that routine care is on par with other breeds, but the lavender ball python often lives 20 to 40 years in captivity! It eats rodents once a week, making this a very low maintenance prize pet to show off in a home terrarium.

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While the snake may be apprehensive at first, holding it should not be a problem after consistent nonthreatening interaction over time. They do like to hide sometimes, like in the african wild. Make sure to provide a hiding box for a little snake introverted me-time. Ssssss!

Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is a breed that originally came from — you guessed it — the Arabian Peninsula. Since then, it’s become quite the hit! A horse of this kind can cost you $100,000, and buyers often want them for equestrian competitions. They are the top breed to buy if you are looking to maximize endurance running, and proud owners enjoy this horse because of its intelligence and desire to please!


Arabian horses have a cooperative personality, which may have developed through centuries of selective breeding. In the past, they were used for war and conquest! Today, they are happy just to hang out and receive the occasional carrot as a tasty treat. Lovely!

Hyacinth Macaw

The hyacinth macaw is the largest flying parrot variety in the world today. Perhaps not for long, though! Because of outdoor development and trapping, these pets may soon only exist in captivity. Currently, the price tag is pretty high for this gradually vanishing bird  — $11,000! The ethics of seeking such an animal can be debated, but the hyacinth macaw is in high demand among wealthy bird enthusiasts. Perhaps that is because they actually make excellent pets! They love to play and interact with children, and they become very attached to their families.

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Fun fact: Like other parrots, they can talk! And please note, like other parrots, macaws can live more than 50 years in the wild — and much longer in a safe home! Potential buyers should consider the long term reality of this investment, and save impulse buys for another area of their luxury lifestyle. Buying a pet is a big decision. At the end of the day, we do agree —  this bird is gorgeous — but an animal that lives decades longer than you could be impractical!