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Ways to Change Your Life with WD-40



A lot of people have cans of WD-40 in their houses, but they consider it an ancient tool used as the cure for squeaking doors.

But this is not true in all cases. It is also worthwhile according to some people who consider it as one of the best items in their houses. A lot of people use it for several purposes and think of it as an essential part of their homes.

We have made a list regarding some crucial functions; this item can perform and how it has been used in the daily life by several people in the world.

Silver Polishing

If you are wearing your favorite bracelet, then there is a possibility that it may be damaged due to excessive use and the color of it can also be changed. Moreover, dirt particles can damage your other jewelry items as well. No need to worry about it as with a little amount of WD-40, you can make your favorite jewelry items look new and increase their lifespan.


Shining Shoes

Due to dirt, your shoes can take dark spots on them which make them look ugly. You can use WD-40 to tackle this issue. It will help you in shining your shoes and also make them waterproof.

Useful for Birds

WD-40 can feed your birds but it doesn’t mean that you can use it to feed your birds. In fact, WD-40 can be used for protecting the food of your birds from the other animals, for example, squirrels. Spray it on the pole of your bird feeder, it will not allow the other animals to climb up on it for stealing the food.


Clean Your Toilet

You can use WD-40 whenever you run out of your regular toilet cleaner. Just grab the can of WD-40 and spray it on your toilet bowl as you do with your regular toilet cleaner. It will show better results. Research has shown that it has long-lasting effects.

Gum Removing Tool

Most probably, the gum which is stuck on your shoes can irritate you while walking. But this is not a matter of worry. With the help of WD-40, you can remove it by softening it with the help of spray. It can also protect your shoes from salts.


Unwanted Crayons can be Cleared

You must have some creative kids in your house who draw their creativity on the walls and affect their look. Here, WD-40 will help you to restore the beauty of the walls of your house. Just apply a little amount of it on the ‘art’ of your kids and remove it by gentle rubbing.

Remove Sticky Ice

While living in the cold weather, the windows of your car can put on some amount of ice which can become the source of hinder while driving. WD-40 is one of the essential tools for those people who face this kind of environment. It can remove the ice stuck on your car’s windows. The best part is it can also prevent it from future sticking.


Get Rid of Water Stains

Similarly, WD-40 makes your car’s windows ice-proof and shoes waterproof, it can also prevent the windows of your houses from water stains. Just apply a little amount of it on the windows and see the magic.

Polish Your Scissors

Due to its ability to restore silver, WD-40 can also be used for cleaning and polishing your scissors. Do not replace your sticky scissors, just buy a can of WD-40 and make them new once again at home.


Remove the Stickers

In the same way it removes the spots from the walls, it also helps in removing stickers to restore the originality, for example, from your cars and furniture. Stickers and their arrears make the surface worst but WD-40 can help you to get it back as original.

Unzip Your Fly

If the zips of your fly stop working due to some reasons, then do not waste it. WD-40 can help you to convert them again in working conditions. When the zip of a bag stops working then it becomes useless as it becomes unable to carry things into it. Apply some WD-40 spray on the zip, it will work wonders.


Remove Coffee Marks And Tea Stains

The furniture of the house or cafes has to face tea stains and coffee marks which make them look ugly. Removing those stains is one of the serious issues for the people affected by these problems. WD-40 is the best suggestion for removing coffee spots and tea stains.

Prevent Your Car from Tar

Tar can affect your car and WD-40 will help you in removing tar from the car. Tar can be sticky and looks bad. Applying WD-40 on it can help you to get rid of it.


Helps in Ring Removal

Sometimes your ring becomes resistant and you become unable to remove it. In some circumstances, without removing this ring, you cannot go further but it becomes a kind of a headache for you. Here WD-40 can help you to slide it off from your finger by applying a little amount of spray on it.

Helps in Hiding Affairs

It is possible that you have a private life which you want to hide from your family members. But somehow you get the color of the lipstick of your loved one on your collar which will become a matter of worry for you. But don’t worry, WD-40 will help you to remove those marks and help you to hide your private affairs.


Restore Your Rusty Material

In your storeroom, a lot of useful material has been kept for years and you want to reuse it for some purpose, but it becomes rusty due to moisture and dirt. You can make it reusable by applying WD-40. It will also be helpful in opening rusty locks.

Clean and Restore Shower Heads

Most probably, due to some dirt particles in the water, your shower heads can become useless as their pores become fully stuck with dirt. You can restore them with the help of WD-40, clean them and increase their lifespan.


Clean Your Fridge

Mildew can make your fridge looks terrible in the eyes of your guests. Enhance the looking of your fridge by applying WD-40 on it and clean it by gentle rubbing for some time.

Filters Your Air-conditioner

Your AC is an important device in your house. It is necessary to take measures for preventing it from dirt. Apply some spray on its filter, it will work wonders. It will prevent the dirt to stick on your AC.


Use for Removing Gum From Hair

It is helpful in removing gums from the shoes, similarly, it can also be used for removing gums from your hair as well. You do not have to cut your hair due to the gum. Just buy a can of WD-40 and apply it on your hair where the gum is stuck. It will remove the gum without damaging your hair.

Use for Club Cleanliness

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You can make your golf clubs clean with the help of it. Moreover, stains on your gold sticks can become the cause of rust on it. WD-40 will also help you to get rid of it.


Pitch Perfectness

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Over time, the strings of your piano and other musical instruments can become loose or tight which can affect the tone and pitch of your musical instrument. You can avoid this issue by using WD-40.

Keep Animals Away

Animals are unable to climb up the cans of trash if they have been made slippery. Good news for you is that WD-40 has been designed for leaving a long-lasting effect on tin materials and plastics which make them unable to explore in your rubbish.


Clean Your Ashtray

After a long party with your friends comprising some smokers as well, your ashtrays can become disgusted due to the ash and buds of the cigarettes. You can use WD-40 for cleaning your ashtrays as well.

Use as Fingerprints Removal

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WD-40 can be used as fingerprints removal. Fingerprints are of several types. They are on the glass of your windows are of one type and the other type are those which provide some kind of evidence.


Leather Cleaning

You have a lot of things at your home made of leather which loses its shine with the passage of time. You can restore their shine and quality by applying some WD-40 on them.

Noiseless Doors

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Over time, the doors of the house start making some noise due to rust or some kind of dirt caught in them. You can make them noise free doors with the help of WD-40.


Soften Your Zippers

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Sometimes, the zips of your several items can be stuck due to some reasons which make the whole item worthless. You can restore and repair your zippers by using WD-40. It softens your zippers and allows them to work smoothly.

Keep Wasps Away

You can keep wasps away with the help of WD-40. They hate the scent of the WD-40. So, if you want yourself protected from the wasps then you should have some WD-40 with you.


Glue Remover

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Most probably you have to deal with the glue while repairing your household items. It is also possible that it can be stuck on your hands or other items. You can simply remove it by using WD-40.

You Can Mould Your Gloves

This thing is not only helpful in your household things but it is also helpful in your outdoor tasks as you can use it for molding your baseball glove. It is hard to mold but WD-40 can do this easily.


Removing Blood Spots

While doing some household duties or in outdoors, you or your child can face some minor accidents. Blood from the small cuts or scratches can make spots which can have a long-lasting effect. You can remove these spots with the help of WD-40.

Remove Wax From Your Ski

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After hitting the slopes, you have to use some wax for keeping your ski effective and smooth. Afterward, its removal becomes an issue. You can use WD-40 in this task, too.